Majorda forum seeks active participation of new voters in gram sabhas




The Majorda Utorda Calata residents and consumer forum as a means of welcoming and pushing the youth to take part in the development of its village has written to the local panchayat urging it to send letter to new youth voters as members of the
gram sabha. 

The forum, headed by its secretary George Gracias, wrote to the sarpanch informing that many youth from the village had registered and received their voter’s card on National Voter’s Day last month, making them
first-time voters. 

“As they received their voter’s card, their names will also appear on the electoral roll as voters of the village of Majorda-Utorda-Calata.

“This being the fact, these youth will also now become members of the gram sabha of the village panchayat. The youth of today are the future of our village and so we must encourage them to extend whatever assistance they can provide, especially their knowledge, skills and time for the development and progress of the village,” said Gracias in the letter. 

The forum has therefore proposed to welcome the first-time voters as members of the gram sabha by giving them welcome letters from the office of the village panchayat. The welcome letter will include three points to encourage them to participate in the development of the village through gram sabhas and village development

“As a member of the gram sabha they are entitled to attend and actively participate in the four ordinary meetings of the gram sabha being held in April, July, October and January during the financial year April 2021 to March 2022. They can also attend and actively participate in the four special meetings of the gram sabha being held on August 15, October 2, December 19 and January 26. They can assist the various committees of the village panchayat on subjects like road safety and traffic management, biodiversity management, garbage management and health and sanitation among others. They can also assist the Village Development Committee (VDC) of the village panchayat which has the challenging task of preparing the Gram Panchayat Development Plan (GPDP),” said the forum. 

Copies of the letters have also been sent to the BDO, director and deputy director of the directorate of panchayats, Goa State Election Commissioner and GIPARD
assistant director.