Positive Side Of ‘MeToo’

JUSTICE and equality are the endpoints of an intended change or  shift in people’s thoughts and perceptions. Not only the stakeholders of a  movement but people at large should richly reap the benefits that accrue out of social movements. ‘MeToo’,  which dawned on India  in  October 2018 was able to achieve that. The ugly phenomenon of sexual abuse at workplace, that was subdued over the years, was out in the open. As more women spoke against their tormentors, men like M J Akbar, who was in the dock after being accused of sexual harassment by as many as 20 women, sweated out in the court. Now that Akbar’s defamation suit against journalist Priya Ramani has fallen flat, the ‘MeToo’ movement should get further fillip. “The right of reputation cannot be protected at the cost of the right of dignity” was the telling observation of the court obviously referring to Akbar and Ramani respectively. The court has made a host of significant points in favour of women troubled by men’s sexual misconduct  in general and Ramani in particular. It is good that the verdict came in a fairly quick time  because defamation cases take their own time. The Ramani case should deter other men attempting to make up the leeway by dragging court cases. One has to remember women  who hit out at celebrities,  risked their careers and reputations for the sake of other women. The women of the country should be grateful to them.


Credibility Of Medical Research

THE age-old adage and secret of longevity ‘early to bed, early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise’ seems to have gone for a toss after a recent study conducted by a Canadian–based scientist  revealed that those going to bed before 10 pm run a greater risk of heart attack, while those who retire after 12 midnight  are prone to metabolic disorders and morbidity. Hence the ideal time to retire is between 10 pm and midnight. It is very strange that both medical science and research keep coming out with their findings which keep changing from time to time. Take for instance the case of how tea and coffee are now said to be good for the heart, whereas earlier they were both stated to be detrimental to health. Consumption of egg was said to increase blood cholesterol that was harmful for the heart. Today egg is recommended as a rich source of protein and a way to keep the doctor away. Scientists are still struggling to find out how and where the deadly coronavirus originated and spread, even as they have developed a vaccine that is neither 100 per cent effective nor safe. Different theories, flip-flop and prevarication have had a deleterious effect on the credibility of medical research and raised questions as to how much of these findings are to be believed or taken with a pinch of salt.