Sanguem Deputy Collector urges truckers
to mutually sort out issue




Acting on a complaint of a truck owner from Guddemol-Sanvordem, Deputy Collector of Sanguem Sagar Gaude convened a meeting of truck owners from Sanvordem, Curchorem and of the truck owners’ association of Sanguem.

The complainant had alleged that the Sanguem truck owners’ association was not allowing trucks from Sanvordem, Curchorem to transport the ore from Tolem mine.

During the meeting, after a detailed discussion, it was decided that the issue of transportation of ore should be amicably settled between the truck owners and the association as there cannot be a legal solution to it.

Later speaking to mediapersons, MLA of Sanguem Prasad Gaonkar said that currently the transportation of ore  from Tolem mine is going on and it has become extremely difficult for the Sanguem truck owners’ association to allow more trucks to transport the from Tolem mine. There are already 800 trucks registered with this association and the token holders of this association get hardly 1 or 2 trips in two days.

He said it would be advisable if the three MLAs including himself and that of Sanvordem and Curchorem constituencies sit together and find out a solution to the problem before the coming mining season.

President of Sanguem truck owners’ association Sanjay Parwar said that a total 800 trucks are registered with this association that are allowed  to transport ore from Sanguem mine.

Around 300 truck owners are given the token for the transportation of ore from this mine. The trucks from Sanvordem, Curchorem and even Shiroda are included in this list.

“We get hardly one trip in two days which is not sufficient to bear maintenance cost of the truck. It is extremely difficult to allow any more trucks for ore transportation. We attended the meeting only as a respect to the word of the Deputy Collector of Sanguem,” he said.

Deputy Collector Sagar Gaude said that the ore transportation issue is to be handled by the truck owners and their association.

“There is no legal solution to that. The truck owners have been told about this fact and are requested to solve the issue amicably and maintain law and order in the area,” he said.