Youth in agriculture


Stressing the need to involve youth in farming activities, the chairman of Goa Industrial Development Corporation and Aldona MLA, Glenn Ticlo recently said that many of our locals have taken to cultivation during the pandemic and there is a need to get our youth involved in farming activities so that they can watch and learn. He also said that the youth will only develop interest after they see how farming is done. NT KURIOCITY asks youngsters what they think about this statement

Agriculture is the largest sector for employment in India as its demand is increasing day by day, yet it is underrated and considered as outdated profession by today’s generation. Hence, there is a need to spread awareness about the same. As stated by Glenn Ticlo, there is a need to get our youth involved in farming activities. This will make them self-employed and give them a chance to serve the nation. During the lockdown when businesses had shut down, agriculture was one of the sectors which made a profit. Involving youth in agriculture will take the sector to the next level as the youth are educated and have technological advancements which can provide a high production yield and a good contribution in this ever demanding sector.

Uttam Dayananad Parsekar, Mapusa

Goans cannot engage in agriculture, not because they are not aware about the schemes or subsidies related to agriculture or because there is no land, but because there are small farmers who cannot produce enough to support their needs, and their produce doesn’t get a good price. The only way is to encourage organic farming which generates a lot of profit but also requires its own market and training to know how it is done. Because there are small farmers there is a need to start collective farming.

Ankita Navso Chari, Talarna, Pernem

Glenn Ticlo’s statement reflects his wise and optimistic opinions on the need for farming. The pandemic has had several productive, positive changes in people’s mind, especially of the youth. The lockdown proved to be a boom as it provided individuals with time for introspection and a need for breaking the myths of jobs and society. The importance of farming in a country like India has been sowed in the minds of the youth. Every individual should be capable of involving themselves into subsistence farming if not a full-time occupation. The fertile lands of Goa should be appropriately utilised, which can reduce purchase of agriculture products from the neighbouring states and boost the economy. Therefore, spreading awareness and bringing the youth in action will be a judicious move, keeping in mind the long-term consequences for the state.

K Ratnagiri Manikandan, Ribandar

Agriculture is a primary source of livelihood for about 58 per cent of the Indian population. Today educated youth have an inclination to work in the organised sector and are reluctant to get involved in agriculture. During the pandemic we have seen many Goan youth taking to cultivation due to many reasons. The only way to increase the involvement of youth in this sector is by educating them and also providing practical hands-on experience. Once they develop interest and have an assured market for their produce, they can provide innovative ideas to solve issues. I agree with the statement of the MLA, India needs qualified young individuals who can devote themselves to farming. As a country with more than half of its population under 25 years of age, we have potential to bring prosperity to the farming sector in India.

Shaunak Pai Kane, resident of Mapusa working in Hyderabad

It is very important for us to know where our food comes from. During the pandemic people have been very cautious about the things they are consuming and as one of the productive activities many chose farming or thought of growing their own food. As youth, we should make farming attractive and today we have various modern framing techniques which make cultivation much simpler. Learning to grow our own food is the need of the hour and it also decreases the level of dependency on others. Interest of the young generation in farming and proper farm management can be a backbone of our economy in near the future.

Durva Vitthal Sukhtankar, Old Goa