Damodar College organises webinar on career opportunities in IT sector


Department of computer science of Shree Damodar College of Commerce and Economics, Margao in association with the career cell of the college, organised a webinar on career opportunities in the IT sector for students of department of computer science.

The webinar was hosted by assistant professor Akshada Hegde, and the welcome address was delivered by vice principal, Rodney D’ Silva.

Resource person was vice president of Open Destinations Infotech, Milind Anvekar who has a vast experience in the world of IT. Anvekar commenced the session discussing the different paths taken by students as they foray into making their careers. He cited that each one’s journey is different and the process of finding the path would vary from individual to individual, with some having longer journeys than others. On this note he introduced six success mantras for students who wish to make their mark in the IT Industry: problem-solving, soft skills, tools, portfolio, finance and health.

The first mantra of success introduced by him was with regard to developing problem-solving skills in students, especially first year students. He highlighted that students sometimes get so immersed into the syllabus that they don’t dedicate enough time to building the requisite problem-solving skills and a weak foundation of these skills leads to an aversion for programming. He also advised students to develop a sound understanding of basic mathematics as it is mandatory knowledge in computer science.

Anvekar stated that many students face loss of opportunities due to lack of good communication skills. Soft skills such as writing emails, effective verbal communication, presenting yourself well, etc, give an upper edge to students possessing these skills in terms of employability. He cited a personal example and told students that he built good leadership skills by taking initiatives in organising events at the college level, getting people together, delegating work, etc. Since the ability to work in teams in the software industry is of supreme importance, he urged students to build these skills through student projects.

He also said that the syllabi of the BCA and BVoc (Software Technologies) programmes run by the college cover varied tools and are well-structured. He emphasised on developing mastery over specific tools which would add to the students’ resume. He highlighted that students should start the process of building their portfolios right from the time they enter college, rather than wait till they reach the final year. He reiterated that social presence is of utmost importance in today’s world and suggested that the students should continually update their LinkedIn and Facebook profiles. He also stated that many recruiters including him check such profiles prior to offering recruitment.

Anvekar advised students to maintain their finances through gaining understanding of investments, insurance, SIPs, share markets and the power of compounding. This would aid students in building wealth in the long run.

Lastly, Anvekar urged students to break the monotony and refresh their minds through leisure activities and intermittent travel. He stated that since IT professionals lead stressful lives, it can sometimes take a toll on one’s health and prevention of health issues is one of the keys to success. He addressed the usual student complaints of not finding enough time and by actually calculating hours in a student’s routine he showed how students actually have more free time than they perceive. He concluded by introducing the concept of setting smart goals towards attaining objectives.