In the spotlight


Here’s a pick from some of the Konkani videos that have been released online lately


PROXIMO Voice of Goa

This is a competition for singers arranged by ace keyboard player Lenoy Gomendes, who puts in a lot of effort to provide good Konkani music. Juniors and seniors were invited to perform and from many entries, 25 have made it to the finals. The youngsters have rendered some good old songs and the list of the finalists has been announced. Most of the songs can be heard on social media. Hosted by Avito Pires de Menezes, this is very much worth listening.

A New Year Special

Well known keyboardist, through his channel Norman Cardozo Music, has presented a special show for the New Year. Many old songs have been rendered by some of the top singers from Konkani entertainment. Cardozo backs the various singers hosted by Veloshka D’ Costa. Enjoy both the audio and the video, of this show that is presented well.


This evergreen classic from the movie ‘Nirmonn’, lovingly composed by the late Frank Fernand has been given a brand new touch by the presenters. Alvaro de Assuncao Pereira of ‘Trio de Assuncao’ has arranged the voices rendered by Maria Sancha (alto), Maria Gisela (soprano/piano), Vernon D’Souza (tenor) and Pacceli Pereira(bass).

Filmed in black and white by Sarah and Jonathan the song is recorded by Jessy Barbosa. Watch and listen, this is delightfully different.

Mog Americacho

A tribute showing gratitude to the USA on behalf of the many Goans who live there, Peviolla Dias and Myron Travasso, sing this catchy number. Filmed by Feazel Carvalho, the song has fine music by Melroy Rodrigues. Good to watch.

Trio King Anthony Somplo

Edwin d’Costa has been releasing quick videos on many recent happenings in Goa. This one is a tribute to Anthony, the last of the original trio kings Conception-Nelson-Anthony, who were famous crowd pullers in the tiatr world. Watch the video, to know who Anthony was. Nicely made by Edwin and very much worth a watch.

Kuznantlim Zogddim

A nine-minute comedy clip, with hints on cookery is presented by CCRTV. Bickerings between the couple, end up with a dish prepared quite well. A new concept from presenter Meena Goes with Julius Mesquita. The two vibe well and the viewer will laugh out loud. Not to be missed.