AAP seeks relief for power consumers


Panaji: Stating that the state government has waived off Rs 277-crore fee of casinos, Aam Aadmi Party leader Valmiki Naik has questioned why such relief cannot be given to Goan power consumers.

Naik also alleged that Power Minister Nilesh Cabral is threatening Goans of disconnecting power supply if they failed to clear off three months power bills.

“How do you expect the common man to pay three months bill at a time when they are given the bill itself after three months,’’ asked the AAP leader, who also held Cabral responsible for the mess in the electricity department that cannot submit the bills every month.”

He said that the BJP government in Goa has no consideration for the common man at all and wants to dump such heavy power bills on them even knowing well that many have lost their jobs due to COVID pandemic while businesses are down particularly those run by individuals.

“What is really surprising is that the Chief Minister Pramod Sawant had the courage to waive of Rs 277 crore worth taxes of casino industry which is making a lot of money even during pandemic but could not offer any relief to the hard working common Goans,” he added.

He also pointed out that the government would do well to promote the one-time settlement scheme so that additional amount could be collected and asked the department to concentrate on recovering Rs 413 crore due to it from government’s own offices and establishments which are biggest defaulters.