A mirror to life


Irene Cardozo’s ‘Reflections’, a collection of articles deals with varying subjects right from personal, educational, women, political and general.  NT KURIOCITY gets details


Irene Cardozo has been fond of teaching right from childhood. Today, she has completed 42 years of teaching in primary, secondary and higher and secondary schools in Goa, out of which she served as headmistress of a secondary school for ten years.

Alongside her career as a teacher and other pursuits such as theatre and singing, Cardozo used to write occasionally. But it was only after her retirement in 2011 that she started to take writing more seriously. “As long as you’re working, you are bound to time and work factors. So when you retire you adjust your time table as per your convenience. For me, writing became an additional activity which I took up very keenly,” she says, adding that her articles in English have been published in newspapers and her articles in Konkani have been published in weeklies and periodicals.

Cardozo shares that her published articles received a great response from readers. And in fact, it was because of this positive response that she received that she felt that perhaps if these articles were compiled they could bring a lot of good and inspire people. “People may or may not be able to have access to my articles every time. Once the paper is gone, it’s gone. So I thought that if I publish these articles in a book it will remain,” she says.

Her book ‘Reflections’, a collection of 80 articles took roughly five to six years to come into fruition. The articles in the book, she says, came about as a result of reflecting on various topics and penning down thought as and when they occur. “Some of the articles have been published in newspapers and magazines while some are not published anywhere which I have selected and compiled in this book,” she says.

And she credits her success to her husband Tomazinho, along with her family and parents. “Tomazinho has always supported and encouraged me. He has always motivated me to create and write. Though writing is expressing  your own thoughts, it was he who motivated and inspired me because publishing a book is not an easy task,’ she says.

Good feedback and appreciation inspires one too, she emphasises. “You do not know what can be useful to people. I have made it a point to present my values and have given it importance through my articles. So even if people read these articles and whether they agree with my views or not, if it helps them in any way in giving them knowledge, entertainment, values, etc, I think the purpose of writing the book has been served,” she says adding that if her experiences or her way of thinking helps in teaching somebody she will be the happiest person.

And with the kind of response she has received for the book that was released in December last year, she has already started working on her second book which will also be a compilation of articles. “I am not inclined to story writing or writing novels but when it comes to articles, I know what I want to write and how to write them. Plus I get to ponder on different contemporary issues instead of just pursuing one subject.”

(‘Reflections’ by Irene Cardozo is available at Confidant, Margao and Broadway in Panaji.)