Solving Goa’s Water Supply Problems

This is with reference to the news report ‘Water supply problems in Bardez will be resolved by March 31: Sawant’ (NT, Feb 10). Time and again we have read about such assurances given by the PWD Minister as well. Yet, there appears to be no end to the woes of acute water scarcity faced by the people, not only in Bardez but all over the state. We cannot blame the monsoon this year, as we were blessed with a record rainfall. The problems, however, seem to multiply every day, even after 24×7 water supply was promised by former chief minister the late Manohar Parrikar, five years back. It is unfortunate that even after spending crores of rupees on various water supply projects by utilising the expertise of foreign consultants, the same problems keep cropping up time and again. It is evident that the PWD lacks the expertise or the capabilities to handle such problems. Therefore, it is time we hand over our water problems to more competent authorities like the Mumbai Municipal Corporation, which manages the water supply to the Mumbai city and suburbs so well and without hassles, despite the burgeoning population and the high-rise buildings.


Budget Has Failed to Give Priority To Boosting Jobs

After listening to all the views, debates and opinions of eminent economists and experts and after experiencing the rise in GDP (gas, diesel, petrol) and the soaring prices of fruits, vegetables and essential commodities, it is now clear to me that the Economic Survey of India on which, by and large, the budget is based, fails to mention the main problem of massive loss of jobs and the household budgets of the middle class and the poor. The budget has chosen not to tax the super-rich, cater to India Inc and corporates, move labour from farming/villages to towns to provide workforce for industries, dilute labour laws, make students graduating fend for themselves through entrepreneurship/startups and massive privatisation. Digitisation and skilled employment is the aim. Government sits pretty assuming efficient implementation of its schemes, increasing the bureaucratic machinery, tying a millstone around citizens’ necks and not reducing the excessive number of present government employees. To quote BJP’s outspoken Dr Subramanium Swamy, “This is a budget of vested interests not for the common man”. Farmers do not want to be privatised. I read somewhere a quote worthy of an opinion: “Farmers are called the backbone of India. It is not the farmers who should be worried about the state of their spine”.