Clear Garbage From Ponda Jetties

Garbage is being dumped regularly along the roadsides at the Adpai and Durbhat jetties in Ponda making it unhygienic for the travellers and pedestrians using the two jetties on a regular basis. Many people proceed for work at Rassaim, Verna, Cortalim, Vasco and the neighbouring areas via the two important jetties. Despite the village panchayat of Adpai-Durbhat undertaking cleanliness drives since the past several years, achieving cleanliness at these jetties has become a difficult task. Regular personal visits by the local MLA to these jetties may yield a positive result. It is necessary that the village panchayat of Adpai-Durbhat takes up this matter seriously and arranges for the immediate clearance of the garbage dumped along the two jetties.


Internal Challenges To BJP

Bickering within any ruling dispensation is not unusual, but it is the way the present state cabinet is riddled with dissent manifesting in sudden outbursts by some ministers against the government for its contrasting and controversial stands on crucial and sensitive issues that has been sending wrong signals. It is now all the more pronounced with the legislators being made to make their stand clear on various projects proposed by the government and deemed detrimental to the interest of Goa and Goans which has resulted in a massive show of strength by the people against these advancements. While it is easy to understand the solidarity shown by the Opposition MLAs with the people on these matters, considering that they turn out to be issues for them to be exploited politically, it is the ‘enthusiasm’ shown by the ministers and legislators from the ruling side to side with their constituents and show the government in bad light over the insensitive decisions taken that is disturbing. More strange was the decision by a ruling MLA, who did not want to oppose the private member resolution against the linear projects, yet feared violating the whip signed by him, and preferred abstaining from voting in the Assembly. Are we witnessing conflicts of conscience here! Of course, none of the ministers, who have been vociferous enough to exhibit their ‘bitterness’ have had the promptness to accept moral responsibility for their government’s inconsideration to the issues at hand, and resign. So what does one make of the newfound love for these superfluous acts of endearment that have caught on with the ruling legislators! Is it a genuine concern for their land and the people which is the inspiration, or is it their political survival on the face of stiff opposition by the masses against the unpopular projects of the government that is the motivating factor! However, which organisation would like to have their own members making a din over its inconsistencies in planning and proposals, especially a ruling dispensation! Moreover, the penchant shown by some ministers in the present cabinet to jostle over each other’s shortcomings has been indicative of the lack of restrain that characterises this government. Is the rejig exercise by the Chief Minister of the seniority ranking of his cabinet colleagues aimed at disciplining the errant ministers!