Taxi operators demand scrapping of app-based GoaMiles

Tourist taxi operators addressing a press brief at Ponda on Monday.



Demanding the scrapping of GoaMiles app-based taxi service in the state, Tourist Taxi Owners and Yellow Black Taxi Associations has urged Chief Minister Pramod Sawant to hold a joint meeting of all taxi operators across the state to listen to their grievances at once in a transparent manner. “We don’t want the Chief Minister to hold meetings with few members of our association but should hold mega meetings with the entire taxi operators in the state, listen to our grievances and discuss the solutions for it” the association members said while addressing the press at Ponda on Monday.  Chetan Kamat, Sunil Naik, Gangaram Phadte, Baban Sawant, Furkan Sha, Premanand Gaonkar and Sandesh Naik were present for the meeting.

Yellow Black Taxi Association President Sunil Naik said that since the last three years, the state government is fooling around with the taxi operators and has been giving false assurances over the GoaMiles issue. “We are tired of assurances and now want GoaMiles service to be scrapped from the state of Goa and in the interest of the public” Naik said.

“It’s high time that the government should take its own taxi owners into confidence by holding a proper joint meeting of all the stakeholders across the state and should address the issue at once in public domain, instead of holding group discussion in closed rooms” Sunil Naik said.

In the name of COVID, meetings with taxi owners are being avoided, while the Chief Minister is holding a party sabha with hundreds of people attending it. “If that is allowed and permissible, then why not joint meetings with taxi operators across the state”? the operators questioned.

Taxi owners further said that by launching GoaMiles, the state government has paved the way for migrant drivers in the state in taxi business. Earlier tourist taxi business was only with Goans but now migrants have entered in taking advantage of GoaMiles and the Goa government is supporting them.

Speaking further, the Taxi Owners have hinted at a mega stir in the coming days, if their demands are not met, where likeminded people from across the state will be brought together to get justice for the taxi operators in the state, the associations expressed.