India’s Noble COVID Gesture

OUR great Indian philosophy of ‘Vasudhaiva kutumbakam’ and our great mantra ‘loka samasta sukhino bhavanthu’ (may all beings everywhere be happy) has come to the forefront during the present COVID epidemic days and especially at a time when vaccines have emerged and our nation has started its vaccine campaign not just for its populace but to so many of its neighbours and other nations too. India started vaccinating its own population against coronavirus only a few days ago, but it is already using its manufacturing heft to generate goodwill with its neighbours and other nations by presenting them the much needed panacea to cure mankind from the fatal pandemic. Some of the developed nations are using vaccine production and distribution either to enhance global influence or for commercial benefits but India’s delivery of the medicine to its neighbours and other nations on humanitarian grounds, which has been lauded globally, show that we care for all.

M PRADYU, Kannur

Stop Cycling On Pavement

PEDESTRIANS and morning walkers using the pavement along CHOGM road from O’coqueiro circle onwards (West side), are facing a number of problems, some of which may prove dangerous to their lives. The pavement which was built around 5 years ago is now being used freely by children and teenagers as a cycling track, encouraged by their seniors. Even the stunted 4-inch pipes erected alongside at suitable points to serve as barriers, have failed to deter cyclists from using the pavement. The concerned village panchayat should put up a notice board on the pavement stating that cycling is strictly prohibited on the pavement. This will go a long way in putting an end to the perception that the pavement is meant for the use of one and all.

A F NAZARETH, Alto Porvorim

Garbage Besets Vasco Area

VASCO town has retained its green tag despite it having a concrete jungle with the town also housing the state’s only airport. However, there are some areas which are neglected vis-a’-vis garbage and cleanliness issues. Though, the municipality undertakes door-to-door collection of garbage, some areas face neglect. An area in Mangor Hill in Vasco near BSNL exchange needs attention for garbage collection. Though early morning, garbage is collected by municipal van the area looks dirty whole day as garbage is thrown on roadside by residents of other areas. In the long run, garbage could pose a bigger danger than COVID-19 as other diseases could spike due to garbage and unhygienic conditions.


Pros and Cons Of  Coalition Politics

UNFORTUNATELY it is a galore of compromises that drives the political system in the country today. As great challenges of contemporary democracy, political compromises have come to leave a distinct mark on government proposals and the way they are implemented. It is no secret that cajoling and compromise drive India’s multi-party system, more so with coalition politics having come to occupy an important place in government formations. Although the BJP has overwhelmingly asserted its might at the Centre, no single party has been able to form a government on its own in most of the states. ‘Gatbandhans’ have ensured that parties with different ideologies have come together to have a decisive say in the matters of the state. With differences cropping up between the alliance partners so very often, compromises have had a big role to play in the stability of the coalitions. But when compromises are sought by the Goa Chief Minister to mollify some of his cabinet colleagues who dare differ on policy decisions despite the fact that the party enjoys a comfortable majority in the house, it is not difficult to gauge that there is more to such ‘conciliations’ than meets the eye. If a CM has to bow down to the wishes of a ministerial colleague it either implies that the minister enjoys too powerful a position in the dispensation to be annoyed or that the Chief Minister is a weakling who has to resort to placating methods to keep his flock together, so to speak. Considering that the BJP in Goa is a party of ‘imports’ from other political dispensations, the latter contention appears to have a ring of truth about it. In Goa, some powerful leaders have crossed over to the BJP with the intent to ‘serve their people better’.  While the connotation of this ‘resolve’ is not lost on anyone, it is the manner in which politics was played over the IIT-project in Shel-Melaulim that is disconcerting!