Rs 2.2 lakh worth of drugs seized in Calangute raids


Calangute: The Calangute police has arrested two drug peddlers and seized Rs 2.2 lakh worth of ganja in two different narcotic raids that took place in the beach belt of Calangute.

The Calangute PI Nolasco Raposo told this daily that after getting reliable information from sources that drug peddlers are coming to sell drugs to their customers, the Calangute police conducted two narcotic raids. In the first raid one Avdhut Ghode a native of Khed, Ratnagiri aged 21 years was apprehended near the Calangute Tinto where he had come to sell drugs to  prospective buyers on  January 23 at midnight and police after a search found illegal possession  of ganja weighing 1.2 kg worth Rs 1,20,000 in his possession.

In another raid that was conducted on the January 24 in the wee hours Shabbir Ali Shah aged 19 years native of West Bengal was apprehended near Dolphin Circle when he had come to deliver drugs to prospective buyers. After a search the Calangute police found ganja worth Rs 1 lakh weighing 1,034 kg in his possession.