Social media can help promote Goa destination for investments: GITP


Panaji: With the government keen to project the state as an ideal destination for investments, the Goa IT Professional (GITP) is suggested increased presence on social media as a means of promotion.

According to GITP being active on social media is necessary for rebranding the state as “more than a beach paradise,” and to improve investor engagement. 

“Social media has become the single most effective means for reaching out to investors with minimum cost and effort. While other states have resorted to using social media aggressively, Goan departments entrusted with the task of investment promotion are seen severely lagging behind. It is not sufficient to launch investment policies without proactively taking them to investors,” said GITP

The IT body is suggested a Twitter handle and a Facebook page for every government department. “Potential investors may be active on any of the two prominent platforms and hence it is important to be present on both. These should not be personal accounts of officers but should be accounts representing the institution or department,” said GITP.

The departments should make a post at least once a day. The current rate of one post in a few months is way too low, said GITP adding that, the posts could be about EODB reforms.

“Changes made to regulatory processes for EODB should be highlighted. This improves the confidence of existing and potential investors.”

Social media posts should also include achievements of companies in the state as potential investors will get a view of cutting edge work done in Goa.

For re-branding the state, GITP said that, key supporting infrastructure should be highlighted such as industrial estates, land banks, technical colleges, co-working spaces. “It will re-brand Goa as more than a beach paradise,” said GITP.

The IT body made its suggestions to the Goa Investment Promotion and Facilitation Board (IPB) which is assigned the responsibility of improving the state’s EODB ranking.

GITP said that, the state is highly popular among startups and venture capitalists who have their establishments in other states, but prefer to work from Goa for a few months.

“Their social media posts carry praises for the Goan lifestyle. A positive response to them from a government department will get them thinking of Goa as an investment destination,” says the letter to IPB.

GITP pointed out that, being active of social media does not need any specialized skills beyond the judicious use of professional language and can be done by a group of employees from the department. “There is no need for an independent social media marketing agency or consultant for this basic and necessary activity.”

GITP is also offered technical assistance to the state for a  stronger social media presence.