Mauvin inaugurates 3 traffic signals in city

A traffic cop educates a pedestrian on traffic signals installed near Panaji ferry wharf on Dayanand Bandodkar marg. The traffic signals were inaugurated on Thursday evening.

Panaji: Everyone knows how important the traffic signals are in the city said the Transport Minister Mauvin Godinho and expressed his happiness to inaugurate the signals at three different spots in Panaji on Thursday.

Addressing media, in the presence of City Mayor, Uday Madkaikar, CCP Commissioner, Sanjit Rodrigues, councillor, Soraya Pinto Makhija, ex-deputy Mayor, Kabir Pinto, market committee chief, Shekhar Degvekar, Dy Mayor, Wassant Agashikara, Diksha Mainkar after inaugurating the signals at Ferry point, near St Inez Junction and near  Kala Academy, Transport Minister Mauvin Godinho  said that the capital city is heading towards good infrastructure and every effort is being made by the Corporation and the councillors to do something new.

He said signals are very much necessary to control traffic in Panaji and elsewhere. If there is traffic congestion it reflects like a mirror to the rest of the state. If it works better in the city then the mirror image goes to every nook and corner of the state, he said.

These traffic signals will last long and precautions are being taken and steps also taken in this regard to make these signals serve the public for a longer period. We see traffic congestion only near casinos, parking of taxis, and other vehicles but multi-storey parking is neglected adding that once the casino offices are shifted to Santa Monica jetty all vehicles would be parked there at the multi-level parking building, he added.

He appealed to the casino owners to introduce shuttle service to avoid congestion on the road opposite Panaji Inn, so that they can pick-n-drop their passengers and the arrangement will avoid inconvenience being caused to Panaji residents in the future.

It is important to give relief to locals while these casinos are operating here and he refused to comment on the shifting of casinos from River Mandovi saying it is for the Chief Minister and the local MLA

to decide. 

While replying to a query on the new MV Act, Godinho said the cabinet differed the implementation for a  couple of times and are going for minimum charges which are permitted by the government, but it will again come to the cabinet for discussion adding charges will be bare minimum taken from the violators of

traffic norms.

While, City Mayor Uday Madkaikar said that traffic signals was the need of the hour and required to control and curb traffic congestion in the city.

Madkaikar specially thanked deputy Superintendent of Police, traffic Salim Shaikh and CCP staff who helped the Corporation during the nights in imposing the parking system in the city to decongest traffic congestion.

The Mayor thanked the company MP Birla Group from Unistar Universal Cable Ltd for donating the traffic signals to the CCP.