We cannot escape our life situation: Diwadkar


No matter how trying our life can get, one cannot run away from it, but instead need to face it headfirst and get over it, said director and producer of the psycho-drama short film ‘Still Alive’ Onkar Diwadkar, which is part of the Indian Panorama section at the 51st International Film Festival of India

“My film tells the story of a young protagonist who reaches the verge of suicide, leading to a psychological realisation. The protagonist actually wants to run away from her life situation more than she wants to commit suicide; but we cannot escape our situation, we need to go through our situation and overcome it, with the help of a realisation,” he shared at a press conference.

The lead character experiences depression and emotional turmoil, attempts suicide but becomes unsuccessful and then comes back to life. “I want the audience to see my film as a witness, which will create awareness”, said the director.

The 30-minute Marathi film has an uncut shot of 27 minutes. Speaking about this, Diwadkar said that this was necessary to showcase the journey of the person with suicidal tendencies.

Diwadkar also spoke on the role played by cinematic elements in the impact the film creates. “My aim has been on creating an impactful experience for the audience, besides telling the story. Elements are more important than story. Every element expresses something. Some elements together make a picture which creates a new impact or experience. The sea in this film is the ‘element’ which is mysterious and vast, giving the thorough impact.”