Gritty Victory Of Indian Cricket Team

CRICKET is a team game where performance is the name of the game. In a perfectly poised game, there is no need of underestimating the opposition. On December 19, 2020, the Indian team capitulated for 36 all out and even the ardent supporters wrote them off as non performers in overseas conditions. Exactly after one month on January 19, 2021 we saw thunder down under and Ajinkya Rahane’s team saw the renaissance of Indian cricket. The transformation of the game and its total change all seen during the pandemic under the bio bubble conditions. After the first test set-back and the abject surrender at Adelaide, the Indian team played under a different captain and fresh set of players all saw a great comeback and in Brisbane we were all bemused and bewildered at our youngsters performing at the highest level. The first turnaround saw us winning the Melbourne test to square the series at 1-1. Then Sydney saw the senior pro Ashwin and an injured Hanuma Vihari stage a remarkable draw to keep the series alive. Final test saw both Shardul Thakur and Washington Sundar making waves. It was total teamwork and no one is indispensable and no situation is hopeless in a game of cricket. Kudos to the Indian cricket team for the remarkable show and for rewriting cricketing history.


Respect The Spirit Of Patriotism

REPUBLIC Day for us Indians is a day to celebrate with the hoisting of the national flag, recitation of the national anthem, singing patriotic songs and organising social and cultural events. As Indians, we must also remember the sacrifices made by our freedom fighters who fought bravely for our country’s freedom and pay our due respect to them. But sadly, after every Independence Day and Republic Day celebrations, the country’s national flag is often found strewn on the pavements and streets and people irrespective of caste, creed, religion or colour keep stamping on them. We should show respect for our country’s national flag, national anthem and national song. Even when the national anthem is being played on radio or aired on television, people don’t stand still and sing it. They are busy talking on their mobile phones or chatting with their friends.  Independence Day and Republic Day represent the true spirit of independent India and marks the patriotic fervour of all Indians across the country who celebrate this event with great enthusiasm year after year.


Traffic Nightmares Of Margao Town

NEWS in a section of the press about the entire Comba ring road stretch in Margao still awaiting illumination even after two years of completion is proof enough of the lack of seriousness that the powers that be has accorded this particular project. But when one considers the indifference shown by the authorities to the problems that plague localities in the city’s backyard, such lapses hardly come as a surprise. Areas around the Comba-Margao railway level crossing for instance! Harangued over the spate of accidents at this site over the years, several remedial measures were taken to improve the situation. But efforts to mitigate the commuting hardships have met with little or no success. Drawing undue attention for the wastefulness of its construction, the Comba subway has remained a perennial eyesore during the monsoon with regular inundations making travelling through it a tough proposition for motorists. Moving along the road from the level crossing to the subway is another traffic nightmare which, besides being potholed-ridden, has unmarked humps along the way ensuring that it is a bumpy ride for motorists all the way. One would however like to draw the attention of the authorities towards the horrible state of affairs that describe the alternate thoroughfare available for commuters whenever the barriers come down at the railway level crossing. Let us now take the patch of road opposite Shree Damodar Higher Secondary School of Science, Comba! It takes a sharp turn and slopes down on to the road leading to the subway. But somehow, this area has been renowned more for the meetings between MLAs and various authorities over discrepancies reported than anything concrete being down to rectify the situations arising out of the inconsistencies.