Forest rights claims in final stage of scrutiny: Pauskar


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Forest rights claims are in final stage of scrutiny, and will be finalised by April, said Sanvordem MLA and PWD Minister Deepak Pauskar, adding all the occupants of kumeri land and forest land will be awarded sanads after the finalisation of the claims.

Pauskar was addressing the farmers during  Farmers’ Mela at Kalsai, Dabal on Saturday.

One-day Farmers’ Mela was organised by Directorate of Agriculture in association with Zonal Agriculture Office (ZAO), Dharbandora, at Sateri Pisani Devasthan hall, Kalsai, Dabal.

Director of Directorate of Agriculture  Nevil Alphonso, chairperson of South Goa ZP Suvarna Tendulkar, ZP member Sudha Gaonkar, ex-MLA Ganesh Gaonkar, sarpanch Shakuntala Gaonkar, deputy sarpanch Shashikant Gaonkar, Shankar Gaonkar, Milind Velip and others were present on the occasion.

Speaking further, the PWD Minister said that “there are five village panchayats in the Sanvordem constituency and there are several farmers’ organisations in Dharbandora taluka. Efforts are being made by the government under the leadership of Chief Minister to make Goa ‘Swayampoorna’ by implementing the concept of ‘Atmanirbhar Bharat’ introduced by the Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Rural areas are the backbone of the country and also that of Goa. If the rural areas become self-sufficient then automatically the country will become self-sufficient. Export and not import will be the theme before our eyes. To make this dream come true, the farmers are being provided saplings, manures, subsidies and several others facilities so that they would whole-heartedly take up agriculture and also provide employment to others.”

“Soil testing and maintaining the fertility of the soil are the main aims of the mela, so that the labour of the farmers will not go waste and they would reap benefit of their work,” he added. 

Mentioning 16 January as the historic day, he said that “on this day, in the year 1967 through Opinion Poll, the Goans had preserved the identity of Goa, which later on went to become a state. And, therefore, I could become a minister, which otherwise would not have been possible.”

Speaking on the mining, he said that “neither the Centre nor the Supreme Court at any stage has said that mining will be completely banned in Goa. Today or tomorrow, mining will restart and the government will take care of the truck owners, mining dependants and also the farmers of the state. IIT project is required from the point of development. The project should not go out. The water problem being faced by  the Sanvordem constituency will be resolved by the end of February.”

Speaking on the occasion, director of directorate of agriculture Nevil Alphonso said that “under the guidance of agriculture minister and deputy chief minister Chandrakant Kavlekar, the agriculture department is trying to take the services to the doorstep of the farmers. The dream of the Prime Minister Modi is to double the income of the farmers in the next two three years through the new agricultural schemes. In view of the shortage of labourers, time has come now to adopt the mechanised methods in agriculture. The main objective of the Farmers’ Mela is to make farmers aware about the quality of the soil through soil testing.”

Chairperson of South Goa ZP Suvarna Tendulkar said that “now, not only tourism and mining but agriculture has also become a vital sector of the Goan economy. We should adopt new methods in agriculture, and through Krishi cards avail of the different agricultural schemes introduced by the government.”

Several stalls were set up in the premises of the temple. The stalls displayed mechanical implements, manure/ fertilizers etc. There was also a stall by a bore well company. There were stalls set up by local mahila mandals too.