Demonstration Of People’s Power



THE BJP government in Goa finding itself in a fix over the Health Minister Vishwajit Rane’s volte-face on the IIT-project in Melauli village in Satteri taluka is not so much about the simmering discontent within the ruling dispensation over the critical issues of the state as it is about the vociferous demonstration of people’s power against the insensitiveness of the government towards regional issues which has brought about such a situation. It is not that alienating the public has been an advisable proposition for political leaders ever, yet their silence on the manner in which the government has allegedly bulldozed its way through with projects detrimental to the cause of Goa and Goans in general has made many wonder if the matter of being ‘people’s representatives’ only crops up during elections. Such is the distrust among people for their leaders that even the sudden show of solidarity with their constituents over the highhandedness of the government has been received with a fair amount of skepticism. It is however surprising to note that a few ‘sympathizing’ ministers have preferred going public and resorting to emotional essays instead of debating, discussing and settling the issue within the Cabinet. This induces the belief that the ‘winds of change’ observed have no genuineness to them and are just political ploys to enhance their image and win the confidence of their voters at a time when the popularity of the Pramod Sawant-led government in Goa has hit the rock bottom. If these ‘twists in the tale’ of the past few days will not rock the BJP boat in Goa, the political shenanigans indulged in by the ‘newsmakers’ will no doubt serve to discredit the government for its alleged acts of duplicity. There are yet others who believe that the political scenario in the state is about to witness an upheaval! But for the balance of power to shift phenomenally in the state, the Opposition will have to do something exceptional to tilt the scales in its favour. However, the BJP in Goa which ‘prides’ itself in being an assorted group of legislators from different political parties in the state is fortified against any attempts of a coup as long as it is able to hold on to its large array of ‘imports’. But then, politics is an uncertain game!