Movie Buffs, Beware Of COVID!

IT was indeed a welcome sight to see the excitement and joy of movie buffs returning to the cinema halls in the state of Kerala after so many months since the theatres stopped screening movies due to the pandemic. The crowd really welcomed, celebrated and enjoyed the Tamil star actor Vijay’s movie ‘Master’ which is the first to hit the silver screen after so many months. But what gives the real jitters is the way the crowd behaved at the theatre sites. This, the health department fear can trigger a rise in daily cases.

M PRADYU, Kannur

Honour SC Ruling On Farm Laws

THE Supreme Court though moving into uncharted waters while staying the implementation of the 3 farm laws that are at the heart of the dispute in the current farmers agitation, is correct in constituting a committee to advise it on what to do next. What the apex court could have done is to name the members of the committee after a few days after properly examining the antecedents of the nominees which could possibly have avoided the farmers charges that those nominated now are in favour of the farm laws. With one of the nominees of the SC-appointed committee recusing now, this is the opportunity for the apex court to expand the committee to an odd number of maybe 7 and nominate those with a more open mind towards the promulgated laws. This could possibly change the attitude of the farmers not to appear before any SC-appointed committee since they may perceive that their objective of seeking justice could be served by an expanded committee. The farmers should also understand that going against the government in an agitation mode is acceptable but the same approach cannot be used with the Supreme Court since refusal to appear before the named committee would only mean that the farmers’ views will not be heard by the court.

S KAMAT, St Cruz

On Sustainable Fishing Practices

GOA every year imposes a two-month long fishing ban in order to allow the fish to breed and grow. However, fish do not breed and grow only within this two-month window but throughout the year. The juveniles of various species of fish are caught before they attain maturity and this severely affects the fish population. It is understood that in a major step to ensure fish growth and conservation of the marine ecosystem, the fisheries department has prohibited catching juvenile fish in the state. The department has decided a minimum legal size (MLS) for certain types of fishes and has banned the catching of such fish below a certain length. It is learnt that the fisheries department has a mesh-size regulation for the fishing nets so that the fishermen do not catch fish which are less than the particular size. Fishermen will have to resort to using fishing nets of bigger mesh size in order to ensure that small fish do not get trapped in their nets which is more than 50 per cent of the total catch since trapping of a small variety of fish in the nets cannot be totally ruled out. Fish caught in the nets by fishing boats and which are not edible need to be immediately let out into the water before they die.