Promote Eco-friendly Paints

The Khadi and Village Industries Commission has introduced an eco-friendly, non-toxic paint called ‘Khadi Prakritik Paint’, which is a first-of-its-kind product, with anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties. Based on cow dung as its main ingredient, the paint is cost effective and odourless and has been certified by the Bureau of Indian Standards. Khadi Prakritik Paint is available in two forms – distemper paint and plastic emulsion paint. The paint is free from heavy metals like lead, mercury, chromium, arsenic, cadmium and others. It will boost the local manufacturing and create sustainable local employment through technology transfer. This technology will increase the consumption of cow dung as a raw material for eco-friendly products and generate additional revenue for farmers and gaushalas. The use of cow dung will also clean the environment and prevent clogging of drains. The paint has been successfully examined and passed various test parameters. It is expected that this paint will be effective in avoiding poisonous and harmful paints by generating livelihood for rural areas. This is the need of the hour.


Farmers’ Agitation: SC Right In Criticising Govt

The Supreme Court has rightly slammed the government over wrong handling of the farmers’ agitation. The consequences have been borne in the form of deaths and extreme hardships by the agitating farmers protesting peacefully at Delhi borders for 51 days now in the bitter cold and rains too. Isn’t this prolonged stance unfair, with the authorities not relenting at all. The government has been given enough rope and now it wants the apex court to stop the tractor rally on the Republic Day and mediate when it is not in the purview of the top court to make a policy. All it can say is there is no legal infirmity in the laws. Then may be like in the Central Vista case, the government can claim the top court has approved the laws. The apex court has stayed the three contentious laws and formed a committee of eminent members, who are unfortunately known to strongly support the government’s views. What is left to discuss then? After water cannons, teargas shells and barriers to stop the farmers, the government now insists on discrediting them with infiltrating Khalistani elements, vested interests, other unions etc! Just like the Uttarakhand government has de-notified the Shivalik Elephant Reserve by ignoring the High Court stay. When the Uttarakhand Forest Minister was asked on the elephant reserve, he said, “We will fight the stay. Elephant reserve is not a legal entity!” Firstly, disobeying court order and then the executive telling the legal authority what is legal is wrong. Repealing the farm laws and a discussion in Parliament is the right and honourable way. This ramming of legislation is certainly not good for a democracy.