Divorce cases in Salcete comes down in 2020




Divorce cases in Salcete have come down gradually in 2020 as compared to the previous two years.

The office of the Civil Registrar-cum-sub registrar of Margao, informed that a total of 85 marriages—averaging seven in a month have been officially cancelled in the year 2020 based on court orders, whereas the year 2019 had 147 marriages cancelled.  The year 2018 saw 103 marriages being cancelled.

Though, the reason, why cases have gone down, could not be known, it is understood that due to slow pace of hearing of court cases, in view of the COVID pandemic, there could be less number of court orders—declaring these divorces.   “We only register the marriage cancellations, based on the court orders. The parties file suits in the court praying for cancellation of marriages. The court hears it and passes necessary orders for marriage cancellations or divorce,’’ says the Civil Registrar-cum-sub registrar of Margao Suraj Vernekar.

The year 2018 saw 103 marriage cancellations from Salcete, while the number of marriage registration was 2482.   In the year 2019, there were 1937 marriages registered in the office of the Civil Registrar cum sub-registrar and that the number of divorces reported is 147.  The  Covid pandemic gripped 2020  saw  a total of 1470  including 55 online  registered marriages, that were registered  in the  month of  November and December of 2020 .

“Married people are often opting for divorces now, and the trend is worrisome,’’ quipped a court official.

Meanwhile,  the office of the Civil Registrar-cum-sub registrar said that  Rs 16.19 crore revenue has been collected for the government in 2020 through registration of marriages, properties deeds and issuing of birth and death certificates. A total of 19500  marriage  certificates have been issued to the needy people of  Salcete and  3907 various property deeds have been  registered by the Margao office in the year 2020,’’  informs, Vernekar.