CZMP: Environment dept to push for NCSCM draft plan




With a plan to move an application before the National Green Tribunal seeking a time extension for finalising the draft Coastal Zone Management Plan (CZMP) till March 31, the environment department is pushing harder for receiving a draft plan from National Centre for Sustainable Coastal Management (NCSCM) before moving a plea in the tribunal.

The department has been trying for past two years to get the draft coastal plans, but despite multiple extensions from the court, the department will still fail to finalise the plan by January 31, the deadline set by the green tribunal.

The officials in the environment department are of the opinion that moving an application without having prepared draft coastal plans will not satisfy the court to grant time extension hence they are putting all efforts to get the draft CZMP by next week.

“We don’t want to move a plea before the tribunal without having the draft coastal plan with us this time hence we are trying harder to get the draft maps by next week and then issue a 15-day public notice for conducting public hearing”, the department official said.

The delay in preparing the coastal plans is attributed to identifying and demarcating areas in the state falling under CRZ categories and incorporating the changes suggested to demarcate the high tide line (HTL) along bunds and besides that preparing khazan and mangrove management plans has been taking time.

The environment department said as soon as the draft plans are received a plea will be moved before the tribunal seeking time to finalise the plans and simultaneously release a 15 day public notice for a public hearing to receive objections and suggestions to the final maps. “We will consider every objection and rectify issues with draft maps and bring changes in the plan for final approval of the plans”, the official said.