Chowgule group restructured, bifurcated, says Vijay Chowgule




Chowgule Group of Goa has decided to restructure internally and bifurcate as Mining Group and Industries Group, says a press release by Chairman of the Chowgule Industries Group Vijay Chowgule.

Each of these groups will be owned by respective family group, the press release says.

On owner’s side, Chowgule Industries Group will be headed by Vijay Chowgule and Ramesh Chowgule with due participation/cooperation of other family members of the group, says the press release.

Accordingly, the family group led by Vijay Chowgule and Ramesh Chowgule has taken charge of their group companies which will operate for the time being under the banner of Chowgule Industries Group, the release adds.

There will be no change in day-to-day management/operations of any company within this group, the press note by Vijay Chowgule says and adds that the interest of all other stakeholders including employees will continue to be protected as before.

Accordingly, the companies in Chowgule Industries Group will continue to operate under the existing chief executives/general managers as before and the emphasis will be on professional management, the press note says.