Safeguarding Konkani



“I was not aware that the Konkani read at masses and at general events could be different. Whatever it may be, Konkani is our mother tongue, we must save it,” said MLA of Curtorim constituency, Aleixo Reginald. He was speaking as the chief guest at the Konkani Reading Competition organised by Dalgado Konknni Akademi (DKA) near St Sebastian chapel, Virabhatt, Curtorim. 

With him on the dais were DKA president, Vincy Quadros; secretary, William Fernandes; parish priest of St Alex church, Fr Joseph Salema; Caitano Fernandes; and Konkani writer, Edvin Fernandes.

In his address, Vincy Quadros said that English is the bread-earning language but without Konkani, we have no identity. While stressing that we compulsoArily use it in our day-to-day lives and thus save it, he also explained the mission of DKA in organising the Konkani Reading Competition in different parts of Goa. He suggested those who have difficulty in reading and writing Konkani to make use of the book ‘Sangati’. He also expressed his happiness in organising the event in an open natural environment.

Forty-five participants took part in the competition. The first place was won by Alexinha Pereira; the second place was won by, Nadia Alcina Noronha; and third place was won by Antoneta Fernandes. Consolotion prizes were awarded to Riona Gomes, Affila Travasso and Jennifa Dias. A certificate of appreciation was awarded to Antoneta Fernandes in recognition of her efforts in organising the competition. The judges for the competition were William Fernandes and Anthony D’Costa.

While explaining the Konkani writing programme organised by DKA in villages, Quadros appealed to the people of Virabhatt and Curtorim to hold such activities in their home towns and the Curtorim MLA supported this idea. Fr Salema, Caitano Fernandes, Manuel Colaco and Alexinho Fernandes also spoke on the occasion.