A confluence of creativity



The seventh edition of Spandan annual global art festival of Goa was held recently. Organised by Spandan Global Art and Cultural Foundation, a Goa-registered Society, the four-day exhibition featured artwork by 32 artists who presented a mélange of imagination, perspectives and styles.

Present at the inauguration were artist Sanjay Harmalkar and Chemistry professor at Goa University, Shrivallab Kamat. On the occasion, the Spandan award ceremony was also held. The ‘Spandan Award for Excellence in Art (National)’ was won by Aparna Pradhan from Goa; the ‘Spandan Artist of the Year Award’ was won by Banani Kundu from Bengaluru; the ‘Spandan Youth of India Award (Art)’ was won by Ankita Jain from Bhopal, Dylan Fernandes from Goa, Neha Rani from Goa, and Ritika Vijay Palkar from Maharashtra; the ‘Spandan National Teachers’ Award (Art)’ was won by Varsha Pednekar from Goa and the ‘Spandan Kids of India Award’ was won by Janice Sudhakar also from Goa.

President of the Spandan Global Art and Cultural Foundation, Goa, Anant Vikas Jain, said: “We are prepared to start our physical events with the permission of the authorities/ galleries with a commitment to follow the precautions and safety rules. We are supporting all the participants for their travel, accommodation and courier arrangements. We are making every effort to make the festival as global as possible.”

He further added that due to COVID-19, Spandan had to postpone its 24 events planned in India and abroad in March 2020. “We are very grateful for the understanding and support from galleries in India and abroad and the artists, registered for participation in our pre-COVID events. During the lockdown, our efforts to promote the talents were continued through various social media and our own YouTube channel,” said Jain.

(Part 2 of the seventh edition of Spandan annual global art festival of Goa will be held from February 23 to February 27 at ESG, Panaji)