Wards of Taleigao VP not to be merged with CCP




Neither the government nor the Corporation of City of Panaji (CCP) is considering any proposal to include wards of Taleigao panchayat into CCP.

The department of municipal administration has not received any proposal of merging/amalgamation of Taleigao village panchayat as a whole or a part of it with a neighbouring corporation.

As per the delimitation process for upgradation, downgradation, bifurcation and amalgamation of rural and urban local bodies the state election commission through respective mamlatdars shall initiate process of rationalisation of the wards and submit report to the urban development department which will be followed by public consultation.

Based on the hearing the department will prepare the draft recommendations and then sent to the government and simultaneously published locally at designated public offices including the local body offices and invite public comments or objections.

Following hearing the requests and objections that may be received on the draft recommendations. The department will then give their final recommendations to government for final approval.