Compliance Of SOP’s By Schools Must

Personally, I feel starting physical attendance for Class IX students is totally unnecessary and this decision should be immediately withheld, the only reason I can see the principal’s forum supporting it, is to get 100 per cent board results the next year, which has always been their criteria. Here I would like to draw everyone’s attention, to the mention of “Strictly Following SOP’s”, and the Institutes or Schools requesting a “Letter of Consent” from the parents. If such is the case, I am sure all will agree that  parents too can request a “Letter from the institute of Compliance with SOP’s with physical evidence” as well as from all concerned departments. We need to be sure that all government departments too are following “SOP’s” diligently with physical record keeping made available to all visiting their offices.

C Coutinho,  Navelim, Salcette

Vaccination Drive From January 16, 2021

India is going for vaccination against corona virus on January 16. The aim is to control the spread of virus and making country free from virus. The pandemic has put life in great risk and to come out of it vaccination drive is the only option left after following all SOPs from ministry of health. The Indian government has decided to give vaccine to almost 3 crore who are on frontline and the brave  warriors working in the field of health services. The country is right now facing challenge in terms of health care as the new strain from UK has been detected in India and also new bird flu cases arising in the states. Though there is a ban on transport of live chicken birds by some of the states the virus is been detected in states. The new strain has given a bigger challenge all the health  and covid-19 treatment centers. Emergency use of  vaccine like  Covaxin by Bharat Biotech and Covishield of Oxford by Serum Institute is authorized by the government of India is a need of the hour. The other vaccines by Pfizer is also on the testing stage of roll out.The present situation is that though there is decrease in cases  as compared to last 3 -4 months the risk of infection has not dropped which is great concern for India ranked third after US and Brazil in the death toll numbers due to corona virus. Hence governments decision to roll out vaccination programme is the right move in the present situation as we have forthcoming festivals like Makar sankranti, Bihu, Lohri etc. Though there are doubts expressed by various authorities in the use of vaccine, the decision to take vaccine and get vaccinated will be voluntary. The governments move to  vaccinate the citizens has been the right move and it is  in the hands of the people to make use of it.


‘Legislators Should Empower People’

At a time when the state is beleaguered by public agitations against the overbearingness of the government on a number of issues, we have the Vice President of India Venkaiah Naidu arriving in Goa on a six-day stay. Although it is difficult to say whether his visit will have any bearing on the prevalent situation, it is however interesting to note that his address to the congregated audience of past and present MLAs on Goa Legislator’s Day function at the Assembly complex touched on a number of political matters that require immediate attention. The ‘delicate’ subject of duties of the legislators for instance! I say delicate because the present lot of individuals in positions of authority in the present government apparently do not brook interference from any quarter and would not mind going to any extent to ensure that their writ runs large in this part of the country. And the Vice President calls on the legislators to empower the people and not themselves! Further, when he speaks of people’s perception about the right character among the politicians being in short supply, the Vice President has raised genuine concerns about an important issue that plagues the political system in the country today. Maybe the conduct of a few unscrupulous from the brethren is to be blamed for the general impression maintained about politicians in India, but have there been any genuine attempts to remedy the ills and give a much-needed facelift to the sagging image! The Vice President has further urged the lawmakers to develop a strong connect with the people they represent to properly assess and understand their difficulties and aspirations. But unfortunately this has been an aspect of politics which has sadly been not paid much attention to in the state. As the Vice President so very rightly opined, the legislators’ conduct either takes them closer to the people or drives them away. The spate of protests and their magnitude would however suggest that the government has been insensitive towards the issues concerning the people of the state. As an afterthought though, the rich repertoire of experience that many of its past legislators could bring in were they to be consulted on issues that assail Goa today could yet save the state the ‘development blues’ the locals apprehend.