Making Goans conscious about littering


Waste management startup YIMBY launched a beach cleanup drive as part of its DownToEarth initiative. The company volunteers cleaned up the Cidade, Sandalwood Beach, Dona Paula and removed tons of waste.

“Due to the ongoing pandemic we ensured that social distancing was being maintained and that all the garbage collection activities was conducted safely,” said Gaurav Pokle, founder, YIMBY. He said that, the company so far has conducted over 75 cleanup drives.

“I am really glad about this initiative and thankful to all those who are a part of the DowntoEarth community initiative. Through this, we want to make people aware about the seriousness of the environmental issues that we are facing and hope that more people become a part of this initiative. The beach cleanup is to make Goans conscious about littering,” said Pokle.

He pointed out that as much as development is required, citizens must also protect the environment and safeguard it for the future. Besides cleanup drives the DowntoEarth initiative also conducts workshops on composting, recycling, waste management for waste generators, stakeholders, schools and organizations.