Bennet & Bernard launches wet wipes Sanitaz Plus


With good demand for hygiene and cleanliness products due to the pandemic, Panaji based Bennet & Bernard, launched Sanitaz Plus wet wipes for mobile and electronic gadgets. The wet wipe disinfectant kills 99.99 per cent of germs instantly and is highly effective in cleaning all kinds of touch screen systems like mobile screens, monitors, keyboards, camera lenses, TV screens, tablets, airport check-in counters and in-flight entertainment screens, etc.

“The wet wipes have been manufactured with laboratory-made ingredients that have a proven record of safety and efficacy,” said the company.

Sanitaz Plus is made of non-woven soft textured fabric. It is dermatologically safe and infused with Iso propyl alcohol that kills viruses. The disinfectant is suitable for all glass surfaces too and is ideal for multiple applications. It does not leave behind streaks, residue or scratches. The singular wipes are individually wrapped making it extremely convenient and is packed for use anytime, anywhere. The product is tested and validated scientifically.

Lincoln Bennet Rodrigues, founder and chairman, B&B said: “The pandemic has resulted in rise in demand for personal cleaning solutions. During this pandemic, our pursuit has been to develop effective and differentiated solutions that help address these concerns and the launch of Sanitaz Plus is yet another demonstration of this endeavour.”

Lindsay Bernard Rodrigues, co-founder and director, added, “While hand hygiene is critical the relevance and importance of surface disinfection is also increasingly being accepted now and will be more frequently used in days to come. The concept of launching this product in a sachet is a step to ensure safety and we have witnessed a tremendous response in the initial phase of our launch.” 

Mobile phones and other touch screen systems such as at airport check-in counters and in-flight entertainment screens are the most ideal carrier of germs. Due to the increased risk of microbes and viruses settling on devices, it is important to maintain proper sanitization of them. As the economy begins to open up, B&B plans to launch more products offering hygiene solutions.

The singular wipes are available in a pack of 30 wipes and priced at Rs.180 and is available online at the sanitaz plus website and across e-commerce platforms like Amazon, Flipkart, Indiamart etc.