Govt needs to resolve issues through democratic means: Cong




While condemning the BJP, the president of Goa Pradesh Congress Committee (GPCC) Girish Chodankar alleged that the government was trying to suppress the voice of Goans who are agitating in various parts of the state on various issues.

Chodankar said that the Congress never attempted to deprive the people of their rights whether be it the Rane government, the Luizinho government or the Digambar government and that is why the people of Goa want Congress at the helm again.

He said that “projects were being dumped on Goans and people are opposing them. The government should resolve the issue through democratic means.”

However, he alleged the police machinery was being used against Goans to suppress their voice and citing example of the Melaulim issue, he alleged that the government was trying to grab the land illegally.

He said that “whenever the people try to protect their rights and get justice, the government uses the police machinery against them.
The NGOs and social activists are being threatened by applying different sections against them.”

He also alleged that human rights violations were taking place and as such people are disturbed in the state.

He demanded that a panel of doctors be immediately appointed to examine the health of Shailendra Velingkar, who has been arrested in connection with the Melaulim incident.

He urged the government to protect the fundamental right to protest.

Meanwhile, reacting to the Aam Aadmi Party’s refusal as regards any pre-poll alliance, Girish said he made the statement that if the AAP is having clear intentions to defeat the BJP and if they can take the lead then the Congress should be open for talks.

“They twisted my statement but immediately reacted and I am thankful to them and Manish Sisodia in Delhi and also Rahul Mhambre wherein they have said Congress is over and nobody will vote for Congress in future,” Girish stated.

“The AAP supporters and sympathisers and Congress well-wishers and many people in Goa do not want BJP to continue and want a merger in the forthcoming Assembly polls,” the GPCC chief stated.

He said that “we want to strengthen our party but the major hurdle was AAP was taking 200 votes, 500 votes and 600 votes and it makes a difference. It is time to rebuild the party to regain the confidence of the people.”

He alleged that an AAP leader from Delhi came to Goa and met all other party leaders including BJP, while ignored the Congress.

“We are going back to the people for booth management,” he stated.