The show must go on – Part 6


J P Pereira

Here are six videos that have made quite an impact on social media and are definitely worth a watch.

Goykarponn fuloum-ia

This is in praise of Goa and Goans. A rich tribute rendered well by Tancia Pires with lyrics by Michael Gracias. Jose Pereira provides the music and the photography by Dadadiraj Shirodkar beautifully captures Goan locales and many professions. Not to be missed.

Sorgest Fr Basilio Andrade

A tribute to the late Fr Basilio Andrade, the parish priest who gave his all to the parish of Majorda. Sydelle and Francisco remember this good priest in this song. The lyrics by Jappy highlight the work Fr Basilio did and Filipe Barreto provides the music to this video. It has been filmed well by Jose Mascarenhas and directed by Rons. This is good.

Child labour

Sherwin Dias renders this beautiful song that pleads for the abolition of child labour. Helping and caring for children, especially the poor is a moral duty. Don’t rob children of their childhood; they are a blessing and joy. Don’t make them work at such a young age. Alvito Pires de Menezes has written the lyrics and Lenoy Gomendes has provided the music and videography. It delivers a good message.


Michael Diniz presents this song on suicide. Parents love their children, so why do children commit suicide leaving parents and friends in great sorrow? he wonders in the song. The song has great singing and acting by Nerissa Cardozo, supported by Rosario Botelho and Sheron Judicia. Filmed by Patson Barbosa, the video has beautiful music from Ramiro Mascarenhas and is directed by Willie Silveira. Good to watch.

Maim sunecho ekvott

Sheron Judicia Dias renders this fine song on how one maintains good relations between a daughter-in-law and mother-in-law? Dias singers about how the tussle can easily be solved with love and understanding! Filmed by Patson, the video has lyrics by Anthony Fernandes and is set to music by Elick Vaz. A must watch!

Vaur Gorjecho

The song focuses on a tussle between husband and wife over unnecessary expenditure. After initial hostility, good sense prevails and all is well. Valency and Navel perform the song written, directed, filmed and set to music by Navel Pereira. Watch it!