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Confluence Ideathon 2021 invites creative minds to develop innovative solutions for a cultural space in an urban setting. Open calls for application begin on January 13. NT KURIOCITY gets details

The Confluence Ideathon 2021 x Serendipity Arts Foundation steered by Hero Enterprise, powered by the Indian Angel Network and TiE Global, along with a host of premier educational institutions as partners, from across the world, such as The Royal College of Arts, London, IIM Ahmedabad, IIT Roorkee, IIM Visakhapatnam, IIM Bodh Gaya, IIM Amritsar, IIT Roorkee, BML Munjal University, NIFT Kannur, and many more, has announced an open call for entries for the Confluence Ideathon 2021 from January 13, 2021.

The Ideathon will bring together the most innovative minds in the world to develop creative solutions for a proposed world class arts facility in the National Capital Region covering performing, visual, culinary, film, and literary practices in the arts and also act as a tool for creating public good through learning opportunities, and employment in the arts.

Post submission, the submitted ideas will be reviewed, followed by successive rounds of deliberation by the jury, divided into phases through the months of January and February 2021. The participants will be duly notified about the status of their application through the process of shortlisting, at each stage. The deliberations will lead to the Ideathon week, which is slated for February 23 –March 4, 2021, where shortlisted ideas from each category will be presented to the jury.

The winners will be declared by the first week of March. The Ideathon will be executed digitally. The winners and the runners-up of the Ideathon who come up with the most creative and innovative solution(s) in each category will be suitably rewarded and recognised. Some of the top winners may also get an opportunity to be mentored by the Ideathon’s partners and may even get co-opted into the implementation of their ideas. Every shortlisted participant will receive a Certificate of Participation while the three winners in each category will get a Certificate of Merit.

The forum has identified some areas that have considerable stake in the development of this unique cultural space, in sight of the surging technological acceleration, climate change, and shifting economic orders that are affecting the future of creative industries across the globe. The ideas will have to address the challenges of building a large, multi-purpose, urban cultural centre addressing the needs of tomorrow, which requires innovative solutions that can maximise positive public impact. In cognizance with these problem areas, statements have been developed, identified and divided into five categories, such as ART x Technology, ART x Environment, ART x Social Behaviour, ART x Design for the Future, and ART x Business Models.

The Ideathon will address the various elements that must be put into practice for this space to fulfill these goals – accessibility, inclusion, sustainability, and enjoyment in experiencing the arts. The focus is on finding answers to questions that impact different kinds of visitor experiences and resource-use and participants are invited to harness the potential of emerging technology, to create new ways of experiencing art.

As the participants address the problem statements, shortlisted groups will be invited to pitch their concept and prototype to the jury. The criteria for judging will be: relevance to and value for the cultural sector; business potential and job creation objective; likelihood of success; and innovation, quality, and uniqueness.

Speaking about the initiative, chairman, Hero Enterprise, Sunil Kant Munjal says: “Through Confluence Ideathon 2021, we wish to pick up the best ideas which will help us set up a cultural centre on a global scale, set in a local context, and one that will host various forms of creative expression. This is an open call to involve creative people from around the world, seeking their active involvement in a unique project to support the arts ecosystem, and build a new narrative for culture in the South Asian region.

Joining the initiative as a knowledge partner Serendipity Arts Foundation & Festival’s, Director, Smriti Rajgarhia says: “We are proud to be associated with an initiative of this nature that seeks to amplify the creative potential of the people and help the arts sector forge towards innovative solutions. Through this Ideathon, not only will we be able to create a sustainable cultural landmark in the National Capital Region, but we will also be able to share a cultural legacy for generations to come.”

Details on the stages, problem statements, registration and steps of the Ideathon are listed at:

Stage 1:

 Confluence Ideathon opens to applications from January 13- 28

 Rolling responses by the jury and Zoom seminars for assistance by CI Team from January 13 -28

 CI 2021 Website stops receiving applications on January 28

 Final response by the jury marking and end to Stage 1 on February 1

Stage 2:

 CI 2021 facilitates mentor meetings for all applicants who clear Stage 1, from February 2 to 7

 Upload for Stage 2 from February 8 to February 17

 Announcement of the shortlisted ideas/applicants who have successfully made it to Stage 3, on February 24

Stage 3:

 Meet and greet with peers from February 25

 Keynote speech and panel discussions on February 26

 Level 3 jury rounds for each domain with the selected finalists, from February 27–March 3

 Keynote speech and final announcement of winners in all of the five categories, to be done on March 4