Commitments For Good Health



Quite unlike the game of cricket where its shortened version promises all the thrills that gets the fans euphoric over the uncertainty of the contest, 2020 as a year has been a saga of miseries and helplessness for mankind on the face of a hostile spell of viral attack that has not lacked pace ever since the Coronavirus burst onto the scene. It has been a relentless attack right from the outset! No matter how strong the protection, most have found the infectious attribute of the microbe too difficult to handle. Running through their defence, Coronavirus wreaked havoc all around. Maybe the recklessness exhibited has enabled the virus to retaliate with vengeance. The inability to take evasive action has cost the people dear. Just as a bouncer needs to be left well alone, the fondness for hitting everything out-of-the-ground has unfortunately been their undoing. We are not here playing to a packed stadium that flamboyance and a devil-may-care attitude has to describe one’s stay at the wicket. Rather, with survival having become the prime consideration, playing out a long innings has assumed greater importance. However, disregarding the precautionary measures advised, the acute lack of application to the safety modalities prescribed has exposed the vulnerability of the people to the guiles of the wily virus. We are at that stage where delivering googlies the Coronavirus has managed to flummox people. Like in cricket, if one’s basic stance and techniques are perfect, the ability to adjust to any situation comes naturally. However, staring at the desperate state that we are in now, we need to realize that life is not a game of chances but one with a definite goal and one which calls for firm commitments along the way. It is our complacence and the triviality towards the most complex of situations which have brought us to a crossroads in our life where a highly potent but an invisible villain threatens our very existence. Nevertheless, if 2020 was a year of fraughtfully fought dangers for the countrymen, the year 2021 rekindles hopes in us!