COVID-19 Vaccine Underway

Much awaited vaccine is close to being available. It is great news indeed. We will probably have a happy New Year 2021 with something in hand. Under this provision, companies are given permission to market the vaccine even if they have not furnished all the evidence normally required to establish the product’s safety and efficacy. As we look for a vaccine, the central government has taken all the initiatives, conducted tests in a full proof way and it is ready for distribution. We wish that the world gets rid of COVID-19 in 2021 through all these concerted efforts. We are hopeful that the new year will bring good health upon everyone but still one needs to be cautious about the pandemic. Massive preparations are underway in India for the launch of the world’s largest vaccination against COVID-19 drive. Medicines are on the cards but it is time to be cautious always.

C K Subramaniam, Navi Mumbai

The Rule Of Law Must Prevail

The rule of law must prevail at all times. Everything the government does must always be within and strictly in conformity within the framework of law.  Section 25A of our Criminal Procedure Code clearly mandates that all Public Prosecutors, Additional Public Prosecutors and Special Public Prosecutors in the High Court are subordinate to the Director of Prosecution. But in a very blatant illegality which has been going on for many years, strangely all the Public Prosecutors at the Bombay High Court in Goa are reporting to the Advocate General of Goa who also assigns them the cases. This is absolutely impermissible and in rank breach of law.  Let us hope that the Government will set the record straight by ensuring that all the Public Prosecutors in the High Court report to the Director of Prosecution as mandated by law. Those in power should not allow the law from continuing to be violated.
                Aires Rodrigues, Ribandar

Drones For Surveillance

In the wake of the pandemic the Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) line drones were used in Delhi for carrying out surveillance, sanitization and to reach out to people, minimizing the risk of infection for medical and police personnel. Drones are ideal first responders and are faster than conventional vehicles. They happen to be a potent public tool. They can also be used by the law enforcing agency to collect evidence and conduct surveillance besides being used for crowd control, prevent traffic jams, track prison escapees, etc. It would be desirable for the Goa police to make the use of the drone surveillance system a regular feature in their fight against crime and tracking violators of various rules. They could be used to track illegal sand mining and such other activities. Use of drones could also act as a deterrence to criminal activities.