Power Transformer At Durbhat Needs Attention

A power transformer located at a junction in the vicinity of Durbhat jetty in Ponda presently stands in an exposed condition with the door of the transformer remaining open. Perhaps the lock of the transformer door must have developed some defect. With this transformer standing in an exposed condition, the lives of people proceeding along this route are at risk in case any tragedy occurs. Many people proceeding for work via the Durbhat ferry walk their way along this route. The public should be assured safety on a permanent basis. Hence, it is the need of the hour for higher officials at the electricity department in Ponda to issue necessary instructions to the concerned linesmen to find out the defect at the transformer door. Necessary repairs must be attended to on a priority basis so that the transformer door remains closed.


New Year Celebrations In Midst Of COVID-19

Throughout India or for that matter, governments across the world clamped down on the year-end celebrations by prohibiting gatherings of more than five persons and assembly of crowds on beaches, at parks and other public places, and also banned big-ticket celebrations in restaurants and at celebration venues over the threat of the pandemic, especially the new variant of the COVID-19 virus. As reported, Delhi, Mumbai, Bengaluru, Chennai banned the New Year parties and celebrations and imposed curfew at night. In Bengaluru, Section 144 has also been imposed from the afternoon of December 31 till the morning of the January 1. All this has been done in a bid to prevent the spread of the virus and protect the lives of citizens. But apparently, Goa is unique. As reported, we have invited everyone, all and sundry, whether tested or not, to come and celebrate, reportedly without restrictions. At least, 37 returnees from the United Kingdom have been reported to have tested positive and heaven alone knows how many more hundreds or thousands of expatriates and local visitors have escaped scrutiny and testing.   Apparently, the beaches and party venues are expected to be packed and spectacular new venues are to be inaugurated by throwing caution to the winds. Is Goa not worth protecting from the spread of the virus?


Provide Blankets To Poor

It has been a while since the winter has set in. Nights in Goa are relatively cold with temperatures falling even below 22 degrees Celsius. We are able to spend the cold nights in the coziness of our homes. However, there are several people, who do not have a roof over their heads. These street dwellers, who occupy pavements have to sleep in the open under the night sky and in bitter cold. Many of these migrant labourers are daily wage earners. There could also be the homeless children and aged street dwellers, who have to fight the bitter winter cold. They are seen lying on pavements near railway stations, in market places and other open spaces. They have absolutely no protection from the bitter cold. These poor people need to be provided with blankets. It would be desirable for the non-governmental organisations (NGOs), social groups, well-meaning citizens, social workers and business houses to come forward and provide blankets to these street dwellers. Due to their poverty, they may not be in a position to buy even a blanket. The authorities need to shift the aged people, who sleep on the pavements to the old-age homes and the children to the orphanages. They should be dissuaded from begging on the streets.