As we welcome 2021, youngsters share some goals, wishes and hopes for the year ahead


2020 is finally over! And what a year it has been! As we stand at the threshold of the New Year, we look ahead with hope and dreams for a bright future – one which we hope will see the demise of the dreaded coronavirus and revival of life as we know it.

And welcoming this New Year with gratitude and a positive mind is all that Sharyu Pednekar hopes for.

“There were so many things I missed this whole year and I wish to fulfill them. Every year has its ups and downs but there is so much to learn from all this. I wish everyone good fortune and lots of love,” says the Porvorim-based youngster, who personally is looking forward to focus on fitness and being positive.

But aware that 2021 can be a very unpredictable year, considering the situation we are in, Celesta Braganza states that she is not going to be jotting down any specific resolutions for the year. “Rather, I want to be spontaneous and live the year as it comes, not planning too much, not expecting too much, but just appreciating each beautiful moment,” says the Anjuna-based student. “I want to be happy, cherish the people close to me, make memories I will remember for a long time and not get caught up in the negativity of things happening around which aren’t in my control.”

Satyaswaroop Banerjee from Ponda also agrees that 2020 has not been like what any of us may have experienced. “The novel coronavirus brought about some unprecedented circumstances that have shaken us to the very core. At the same time, it has made everyone in each and every corner of the world come together to battle the global pandemic. While we tip our hat to how ‘unexpected’ this year has been, we all look forward to and hope that 2021 will be better and not throw a ‘googly’ or a bouncer at us that we are not able to handle!” he says, adding that as we move ahead, it is important to be there for one another as fellow members of humanity, in the finest sense of the word, and drop the last year into the silent limbo of the past. “Let it go, for it was imperfect, and thank God that it can go. I hope the year 2021 brings joy to everyone’s life.”

And even though 2020 was a sad train wreck for all of us, Krystal Fernandes from Margao would like to go into 2021 with hope. She says: “Quarantine gave all of us plenty of time to sort out our priorities and goals, 2021 is the year we work towards making them happen with a clear mind, cherishing the one life we have. Like the several past pandemics that have plagued humanity, we will come out of this eventually.”

But while everyone has happily bid goodbye to 2020, at the same time Uttam Dayanand Parsekar, Mapusa feels that there is a fear of the new corona strain. This time though, he says that we are more prepared instead of panicking, as even a vaccine is on the way. “I wish the New Year brings more opportunities to people who lost their jobs and businesses in 2020 and may the vaccine reach each and every Indian. We don’t know when this pandemic will end but I wish to be more productive, energetic, and enthusiastic in the new decade.”

No doubt the last year was a year of mixed feelings for many of us – bad for some, productive for others. The lifestyle habits, human activity, mobility, etc were severely impacted. But it helped Sai Lolla of Margao realise that the artist is still alive within him. “After years of procrastination, citing lack of time, I thought I lost my art. But this year, I learned that plenty of time is available for us in life. It is just that we do not know how to manage it. Lockdown and 2020 helped me realise, I can still draw to a certain extent,” he says, adding that his goal in 2021 is to learn and continue to pursue his habit of drawing. He also has an interest in website development.

“The day humankind declares victory over this pandemic, would be the best day of 2021 for me, and I wish to see it soon,” says Sai, adding that he hopes that next time around, we will be able to celebrate a new year without fear and at the same time, learn to respect the all-powerful nature.

Resident of Margao, Pearson Joseph Fernandes has entered 2021 with the hope of living better, feeling better, and full of excitement for doing something new. He says: “2020 has taught me a lot, even though it has a brought a halt to the entire world, I’m hoping that 2021 will be the year to kick-start and get the world back on its feet again. 2021 isn’t just going to be another year to look forward to but it’s also going to be the year that will probably set the course for the years to come. I believe that 2021 is more than just healing, it’s about exploring our deepest fears and taming them.”

Similarly, Rochelle Rose D’costa’s New Year goals are to be a better person by being independent, learning anew, being a better student , being more social and friendly, focusing more on God, eating healthy, loving the people around her, and helping the needy. “I also want to focus on my speech. I want to learn how to not overtalk or undertalk and be a better version of me,” says D’costa of Chandor.

Meanwhile, Calangute’s Magris D’souza wants to be patient, strong, hardworking, and bold. “I hope for the same for everyone. I hope that in 2021 people live with intrepidity in order to stand against the coronavirus. We’ve got to look into the future and start living the new normal. I wish everyone a bright New Year 2021.”

For Atish Lolienkar from Fatorda a new year demands a new update and a new version of himself. His goals are to read more books, practice yoga and meditation, and eat the right kind of food. “I want to be self-oriented and focus more on personal growth. 2021 is definitely going to bring in new experiences and opportunities, and suddenly you know it’s time to start something new and trust the magic of beginnings.”