Garbage poses threat to Godea Vol spring in Balli


Canacona: The spring at Godea Vol at Balli is slowly losing its beauty due to human ‘interference’ like dumping of garbage and washing of vehicles in its vicinity.

The spring discharges fresh water throughout the year, and comes as a solace to the thirsty commuters who travel along NH66.

The spring originates in the hills of Balli, and eventually water emerges at Godea Vol – a hill section that was cut to pave the way for the highway.

Travellers often halt at the site to collect spring water in bottles. Beneficiaries include inter-state tourists, truck drivers and cleaners and police personnel on patrolling duty

But sadly in the recent times, the spring seems to be losing its natural beauty due to human ‘interference.’

Garbage like empty beer cans, plastic bags and other packaging covers  remain strewn nearby all along the road near the spring.

As the said stretch of the highway is one-way, motorists, including heavy vehicle operators, stop their vehicles on the side and wash the vehicles using the spring water. And, this leads to stagnant water pools, which are a cause of worry for the locals as these pools offer breeding place for mosquitoes which could spread diseases in the vicinity.

People living in the vicinity said that they use the spring water for drinking purpose during the summer months when they face water shortage.

They recalled that the place, unlike now, was very clean and green earlier.

As the spring area lies on the edge of the forest, wild animals come there during the night to drink water, particularly. in summer season, informed Tulsidas Velip.

The locals said that nothing can be done on their part to save the spring as it is on the highway and garbage is dumped every day.

Anil Bhagat, a resident of the area, said that the concerned authorities should take initiative to preserve the natural water source.

A regular clean-up drive is needed besides boards need to be installed at the site to sensitise the public on the need to keep the area clean, said Bhagat.

Authorities should also consider the plight of animals relying on the water source when planning to protect and restore the spring for the future, he added.

If the authorities fail to pay attention to the spring at the earliest, there is a possibility that it would lose its beauty soon, he said.

When contacted over protecting the spring at Godea Vol-Balli, executive engineer of division XII Krishnkant Patil said that the WRD has restored and protected many such natural water springs in Goa.

He said that the department assists in protecting such natural sources of water only after receiving proposal from the village panchayat, and handing over of the land for development of the spring by the concerned party.