The Gera School announces bursary and academic proficiency scholarships


The Gera School has announced the initiative of offering bursary and academic proficiency scholarships for meritorious and deserving students to avail of quality education. This first-of-its-kind financial support by a leading international-curriculum school will immensely benefit students who have been consistently displaying strong performance in academics in the school they are currently studying in, as well as for students who would require financial assistance to have access to better education.

Managing director, Gera Developments and chairman, advisory committee, The Gera School, Rohit Gera said: “The Gera School’s founding intent has been to give back to Goan society. Consequently, the bursaries aim to make good quality education accessible to a wider section of society by alleviating financial hurdles. Through offering the academic proficiency scholarships, The Gera School seeks to reward hard work and talent and thus contribute to building a society which values merit and perseverance. This scholarship will enable and empower deserving students to have exposure to new age learning and thereby enhance their overall development. These are tough times due to the COVID pandemic. We need to show more empathy, compassion and support to help people overcome the inherent challenges of this situation. Offering scholarships is one step in that direction.”

Interested and qualified students need to fill the online application form available on this link – Students of all Grades can apply for the Bursary scholarships, while the academic proficiency scholarships would be awarded only to students currently in grade six and above who are interested in joining The Gera School. Parents of applicants are required to submit their attested salary certificate or income tax returns of the last two years along with the application. The Gera School offers a limited number of scholarships, and their issuance/non-issuance is at the sole discretion of the school.