Healthy competition



In honour of International Chefs Day celebrated each year, VM Salgaocar Institute of International Hospitality Education (VMSIIHE) held a culinary contest for aspiring chefs. Students of the institute as well as those of class 12 higher secondary schools in Goa and other states across India could participate in the contest, showcasing their creativity and cooking ability.

Prominently making use of carrots and flax seeds in their culinary creations, students across the country participated in the cook-off and brought their creativity and talent to the kitchen table.

The winners were evaluated based on their creativity, food cost while focusing on making the dish rich in healthy nutrients. 

In the VMSIIHE student category, the first place was won by Nevan Fernandes for his dish ‘La Carotte’. “The competition really helped me tap into my creativity and finding an innovative and fresh idea to bring two great and healthy ingredients together and form a gourmet dish. I learned about the health benefits of the key ingredients as well as how we can focus on making our gourmet food healthier while matching the trends of modern society,” Nevan said.

The second place was won by Neston Fernandes for his dish, ‘Wrap de Vegetal’. He said: “Preparing something healthy with two key ingredients which were carrots and flax seeds was challenging. I tried out my recipe two times before my final video was shot so that I could provide the best version of the dish on the plate. The process of shooting a video and compiling it was something I enjoyed a lot. I’m looking forward to more such competitions ahead”.

The third place was won by Anirudha Sardesai for creating ‘Carrot Fries with Flax Seed Sauce’. The winner of the class 12 category was student of VVM Vidya Vikas Academy, Margao, Shreeja Gudi who created flaxseed tortillas and carrot falafels.

“The participants portrayed a great amount effort to come up with their own health-oriented recipes, creating a preparation video and taking aesthetic photographs. It was a hard decision to select the winners as all the students had put a lot of hard work into the contest and the results have been very inspiring. I was very satisfied with the entries that came in along the learning outcome that was felt from this initiative,” said professor, Culinary Arts at VMSIIHE chef Sebastian Breitinger.