January Right Time For Reopening Of Schools

This is not the right time for the reopening of schools and colleges in Maharashtra and elsewhere in the country. Life is more precious than the academic school and college year of students. Perhaps, January is the right time once the winter is at its peak. No parent would like to take the risk of sending their son/daughter to school or college at this point of time when the COVID-19 virus has still not died down. Also, only those schools and colleges which are outside the containment zones should be allowed to operate. Students, teachers and employees living in the present containment zones should not be allowed inside the campuses. Employees who are at high risk, including elderly people, pregnant mothers, people having diseases should also not be allowed inside the school or college campus. This is for our own safety. We have to get used
to it now.

Jubel D’Cruz, Mumbai

On Free Power Supply

We all know what came of free public drinking water taps. What is free is exploited. With free power supply, consumption will go up. It will act as a disincentive to save on power. What is more important is to rein in the power stealers.  If people are looking for free power what is there to stop them from setting up solar panels under the sharing grid scheme that allows for buyback of power. This in other words amounts to having one’s own free power supply. We need to know also that free power may already be a reality in Goa in slum areas for vote banks. Free power sounds good in theory, just as free bus travel, to lure  voters.  If some party offers a lifetime supply of free alcohol, it could stand a chance of making a comeback. But will that change the world?

Vinay Rodrigues, Margao

Stop Use Of Biometric
Thumbprint Scanner

It is understood that a biometric thumbprint scanner has been linked to twelve COVID-19 cases, with one death. The incident took place shortly after the state government decided to resume the practice from November 1. The practice was suspended due to the large number of COVID-19 cases in the state. People take a lot of precaution to avoid getting infected by the novel coronavirus. However, if a biometric thumbprint scanner can act as a super-spreader then there is very little that the citizens can do. The practice of recording the staff attendance using such a scanner needs to be suspended with immediate effect till such time that there is no risk of getting infected by the virus.