The damsel in denim


Self-professed denim freak Cyron Fay Rodricks has been wowing people with her out-of-the-box funky creations. NT BUZZ catches up with the upcoming designer


A scroll through up-and-coming designer Cyron Fay Rodrick’s Instagram page will have you floored. From nature lovers to football freaks to die-hard ‘Friends’ fans, there’s something for everyone in her collection of fashionable masks and revamped outfits. And it is all done in denim.

“I have always been a denim freak since college. It was my go-to style which made me feel confident about myself,” says the 25-year-old. And thus, it was no surprise that she chose to specialise in denim for her diploma degree in dress designing and garment manufacturing from Sophia Polytechnic, Mumbai. In fact, at her first fashion show at the institute, she chose to use handloom denim dyed in natural colours and won an award, thus inclining her more towards denim.

Over the last few years, she has worked with brands like LoveGen, Nandita Mahtani and Arjun Khanna and also assisted in designing and styling for celebrities like Saif Ali Khan, Virat Kohli, Javed Jaffrey, Monica Dogra, etc. She was also among the Top 15 finalists for the Max Design Awards 2018.

Even so, she admits, she never thought of launching her own venture so soon. But the pandemic changed that, forcing the Colva girl to return home from Mumbai.

“One fine day my parents asked me to sew some masks for the family. My sister randomly posted a picture of them on social media and that was where it all started,” she says.

But building a brand from scratch was no mean task, she admits. “From planning, designing, painting, stitching, merchandising, production, fabric sourcing, packaging, marketing, social media, designing my business cards to even my invoices, everything is done by me. Putting it all together took me many sleepless nights, hard work, discipline, sacrifice and consistency. But it eventually all came together,” she says.

Rodricks started off by experimenting with naturally dyed handloom denim as a mask option, which involved a lot of trial and error. “It has more qualities than the fabric you purchase from a local market which are usually chemically-dyed fabrics,” she points out, adding that she contours the mask in such a way so that it doesn’t stick to the face as the fabric is thick. “I also add white, pure, soft cotton as a nose filter that protects your skin from the fabric rubbing onto it,” she explains. Having limited colour options and a high price range in natural fabric, she also simultaneously started with regular denim. “Denim is a fabric that has high breathability and is woven from 100 per cent cotton which is spun and freed from any debris,” she says.

From masks, she slowly moved to revamping jeans and designing jackets featuring alluring hand-painted patterns, fabric manipulations, and embellished with cool embroidery and patchwork.

“My creations are for those who love experimenting, being groovy and who understand art,” says Rodricks, adding that she has always had a soft spot for recycling old clothes as in this way she could also help eliminate fast fashion, thus doing her bit for Mother Nature.

“When it comes to revamping denim, I believe that it is timeless, strong and does not snag or tear easily, one can wear it for years and yet it looks good as new with every wash. Giving it a very rugged, asymmetric and a quirky look gives it a whole new touch,” she says, while urging more people to give revamping a chance. Her masks are priced between `150 and `800, while revamping prices depend on the amount of detailing the client wants, which ranges between `1000 and `5000. For those looking for a full customised denim jacket, the price ranges between `5000 and `15000.

Rodricks has received a good response from Goans as well people from Mumbai and London. “I am happy with whatever response I’m getting as of now. In the days to come I’m sure I’ll have caught more eyeballs,” she says, adding that she will soon branch out into creating oversized denim totes, fanny denim bags, embellished t-shirts, shirts, etc. To make her designs accessible globally, she also hopes to start her own website.

Once the pandemic ends, she is looking at travelling the world with her label, designing clothes for people of all communities, experimenting with tribal attire, and making jackets known to travellers, backpackers, nomads, bikers and artists.