Job Creation At Cost Of Depleting Exchequer



DESPITE the state coffers being severely stressed, the government has decided to further burden the exchequer by recruiting a whopping 10,000 people for different departments and semi-autonomous bodies. Actually the bureaucracy is over bloated and must be downsized. Since  the BJP  came to power to Goa in 2012, we have seen thousands of people being recruited into government service with merit thrown to the winds. It has been a deceitful attempt to create a vote bank while many jobs have also been dished away to the highest bidders. All this is reflecting in the poor functioning of  government offices;  incompetent people managed to get important positions with the blessings of their political godfathers. Ironically with crores of rupees being drained on e-governance the bureaucracy should have shrunk but has in fact been bloating by the day, depleting the stressed exchequer still further. At present,  the only priority of the government can be to hire more doctors, nurses and medical support staff. The only other expenditure that can be justified in the prevailing grim financial scenario is upkeep of  health centres and setting up of new ones so that the health needs of everyone is taken care of. Goa is going through a very turbulent phase with people rightly being up in arms against  needless and controversial projects. In a democracy the government has to heed to the voice and sentiments of the people. Sadly citing the pandemic as an excuse the state legislative assembly has not been meeting to discuss crucial issues confronting the state, which is a very sad and sordid state of affairs. When state’s basic infrastructure is  crumbling by the day, our remaining hills and fields are making way for new concrete jungles, which will only add to the mess we are already enveloped in.