Groceries, sundries at your fingertips


Goan youngsters Twinkle Bagkar, Jagannath Porob, and Navraj Pednekar have conceptualised QuickyShop, an app aimed at streamlining your grocery shopping routine.
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When the lockdown was enforced and as worries about grocery availability and procurement of essentials heightened, three youngsters Twinkle Bagkar, Jagannath Porob, and Navraj Pednekar came up with a solution: an online platform that would eliminate the hassle of waiting in queues, prevent overcrowding, and simply ease the grocery shopping experience.

QuickyShop, a multi-vendor online platform offering a range of grocery and essential products was incepted with an aim to help small businesses and stores connect to their everyday customers and stay in business while also maintaining and preserving the safety of the public. It was started under Mapusa-based Weblozee IT Solutions, a company that the trio co-founded which offers web development, digital marketing, graphic design, printing services and more at affordable rates.

Bagkar shares that when Version 1.0 of the app was rolled out it took some time to click in the minds of their target audience. “QuickyShop is a small business that dreams of growing in the state. The initial days were critical as we faced a lot of issues but thanks to the effort of the team, we managed to work around all these issues and solve them,”
she says.

And while they did run into challenges when promoting the app, the real challenge was to convince Goan vendors to sign with them. “It was a real task to make the vendors believe in our business model. We worked around many strategies every time we spoke to a client,” says Pednekar.

The trick that worked for them though, states Bagkar was that they were a young Goan business. “We took in a lot of feedback from vendors and customers while the project was in its developmental stage. All feedback was appreciated and closely worked upon to satisfy every vendor as well as the customer,” she says.

The app is divided into three sub-apps, namely, the vendor app that is designed for vendor registration wherein vendors can list products in stock; the customer app that lists all the vendors available in a particular area to a potential customer; and the delivery app that ensures the delivery of the ordered goods to households within the same day. An ‘order and pick’ section was also included for users to order the items they required and collect it at their leisure. Similarly, a Cash On Delivery (COD) feature was added to further ease the transaction process.

Having begun by covering the Anjuna area and managing a good response with 100 plus downloads, they are now planning and working towards bringing in more vendors from other areas too.

Currently, the app is prepping for its Version 3.0 launch. “This version will be better, faster and upgraded with a new shopping feature,” says Bagkar, adding that they also plan to sign with vendors from the fish market. And through the success of the app, she says, the team endeavours to grow their company and also help every small business to grow along with them. “The biggest problem that our small local businesses face today is identity. It is our sincere aim to help every business attain their identity in the digital world,”
says Bagkar.

“Having worked on various apps before, this one was unique as it was an in-house project. It was challenging as well as a completely exciting process,” says Porob. In fact, running a business in their 20s proves to be exciting every day and Bagkar encourages more youngsters to enter the world of entrepreneurship. “With our progressing economy and business sense, I also want more youngsters to join the clan of being independent entrepreneurs. It’s just like playing a team sport,” she says.