Awaiting Efficacious COVID Vaccine

WE  may soon get the nod from the Centre  for the use of a safe and effective COVID-19 vaccine after three pharmaceutical giants – Pfizer, Moderna and Oxford-AstraZenecaa – announced their plans to make the vaccine available by January-February 2021. While the central government  is yet to approve and finalise the modalities for the procurement of vaccine doses, it is likely that the choice may fall on Oxford vaccine which has offered a 50 per cent  cut in prices, even though the vaccine is only 70 per cent  effective;  Pfizer and Moderna have claimed 95 per cent effectiveness of their vaccine candidates. Secondly, it is hoped that the issue of vaccine choice and procurement sails through smoothly without being politicised and stuck in red tape, which is often the case when important issues such as these are to be taken at the national level for the benefit of the people without  the customary kickbacks.


The Other Side Of A Face Mask

WE see people wearing face masks while jogging, during morning walks, while cycling and even in a gymnasium. It would be good if the health authorities could please clarify and advise the people on the health aspect of this so that the use of mask should not be counterproductive. We also need to know whether a mask needs to be worn when one is driving a car alone or even a two wheeler, and of course when you are all by yourself in your office. Some people are wearing masks while even having a shower and also while sleeping. A proper expert medical opinion on all this issue by the health officials would be of help. 


Water Is The Woe Of Adpai

THE central government has  assured to sanction around Rs 1500 crore under the Jal Jeevan Mission to the state for improving water supply, prompting the Sawant government to promise 24×7 water supply to people by 2022. Be that as it may, Adpai village in Ponda taluka does not receive regular water supply. Tap water comes only during early morning and late night; during daytime taps run dry delaying household chores in the village, which comes under the Marcaim assembly constituency. Adpai villagers have been hoping against hope for regular water supply for a long time now. Basic needs of citizens cannot be taken for granted, but must be fulfilled on a priority basis. Let us hope that the people  of the  Marcaim constituency, and of course Adpai,  will get  supply round the clock once the  water supply facility for the region is commissioned.