The bible in animation



Goa-based Fat Hamster Studio, an animation, augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) firm is creating an animation series based on stories from the bible for Norwegian company BrunstadTV.

Created in 2D, the series titled ‘Jesus in my Friend’ tells various stories from the bible in a fun and interactive manner and is aimed at a young audience. The series which is in its third season is translated in 14 languages and is available for viewing globally. The Norwegian company has engaged the animation studio to execute three other seasons in the coming year.   

Co-founder at Fat Hamster Studio, Rohan Ponniah said: “It’s been an extremely creative process to work on this animation series. We largely work on international projects and BrunstadTV is one of them.”

Excerpts from the bible were taken and turned into short animated videos, with narration and visuals to support. “Creating the right visuals to support the background voice narrating the incidents, syncing it together to give it a natural flow was part of the process,” said co-founder of Fat Hamster Studio, Vesley Carrasco.

Mapusa based, Carrasco and Zambia-returned, Ponniah, came together to explore their love for animation and virtual reality world and founded Fat Hamster Studio that has a presence in  India, Africa, Europe, Middle East and the United States.