People helping people for a better world

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The second edition of The New Earth Summit, India’s first integrative summit on solutions to problems in health, food, farming and environment is underway online this time and will go on till December 15. NT BUZZ gets details


In order to make people more aware of the repercussions of their daily choices that damage health, healthy food supply, soil, water, environment, etc, The New Earth Summit, India’s first integrative summit on solutions to our problems in health, food, farming and environment was started last year. This year the summit that is completely online began with webinars starting from October 1 to October 30 and then again from November 15, and will go on till December 15. In the webinar domain experts from Goa, India and across the world delivered their insights. The summit is organised by Earth Keepers Goa, a wing of a global network – Earth Keepers Connect founded by an engineer, therapist, organic farmer and environmentalist, Darryl D’Souza, who is also the convener of The New Earth Summit that is now an annual event in November.

Since November 15, the recorded videos of these sessions, as well as another 10 specific solution presentations have been shared on The New Earth Summit YouTube channel to cater to a wider audience as they are the ones who need to implement solutions in their daily lives, community spaces and in their States with the help of advice from the speakers and local contractors in their areas.

The highlights of the summit are that all the solutions presented are eco-friendly and locally available, and have been tried and tested by experts. D’Souza says: “It is only when people have this knowledge that they can make better choices and become part of the solution. Most of the solutions are also promoting local entrepreneurship and local businesses, and also creating more job opportunities in Goa. So it is not only better for the prosperity of the State, but also helps locals who are out of jobs to earn a living. Goans will not need to go out of the State to earn a living if they take up these new opportunities.”

Talking about how this year’s edition is different, D’Souza informs that last year’s summit happened as a full-day event, where people were able to meet the 30 speakers and also interact with them over lunch and dinner at the venue. He says: “The summit also had an organic market on all three days to showcase healthy food, healthy body products and home products and eco-friendly solutions. This year due to pandemic restrictions we were unable to hold a physical event. Through the webinars over a 100 of our panellists reached to our audience right in the comfort of their homes, where they could hear them clearly and see the fine details of the presentations on their home PCs. Since the videos are available all the time for free on our YouTube channel, people are watching them repeatedly and making the most of the insights from them.”

He says that last year the people of Goa and those from across the country who attended the summit got to understand for the first time what components are required to create an integrated, healthy, eco-friendly and locally self-sustaining economy. D’Souza says: “Some of them implemented the health solutions into their lives and homes, and the farming and environment solutions in their communities. This year there is wider awareness happening with people, so they are forming work groups to implement these solutions on a wider scale and they plan to meet village panchayats and propose the solutions to them as well, so they can be implemented in all the villages in Goa.”

But this year’s response, he says, is much better than last year’s as it is online and people from across the world can attend the webinars. “People who attend the webinars tell their friends and family of how useful they are and we are getting daily requests from more people across India and the globe for viewership of the videos that we are still in the process of sharing, one per day on our YouTube channel,” says D’Souza adding that many people in Goa are coming forward to be part of their team to help create more awareness, and are inspired by their slogan – People Helping People!

To participate one has to subscribe to their YouTube channel from a smartphone or PC and will receive daily notifications when a video is released. He says: “After you watch the video, you can post your questions if any in the comments section and our panellists will reply to you. Those who have missed our first 10-day session videos on Wellness of Mind, Body and Spirit can visit our YouTube channel, check out our website and check out our Facebook and Instagram handle – The New Earth Summit. They can play them and comment with their questions.”