Govt to introduce online lotteries soon




The government will soon introduce the state online lotteries aiming towards increasing its revenue, following the launch of the paper lotteries, earlier this week.

Chief Minister Pramod Sawant on November 23 attended the inaugural draw of Goa State Paper Lotteries, under the series titled Dear Subhalaxmi. Each lottery ticket in this series has been priced at Rs 10. Altogether 16 paper lotteries will have their draw per day, as conducted by the directorate of small savings and lotteries.

The sale of these lotteries had been discontinued since last one year, after a party had approached the court of law against it. Their sale has now restarted as per the directions of the court, which include floating of tenders by the directorate to appoint the marketing agents for selling the lotteries.

The Chief Minister informed that the paper lotteries, during their earlier sales contributed to the state exchequer around Rs 40 crore annually. “Now, we expect that these lotteries would initially provide the government with an income of Rs 29 crore, which is expected to increase gradually,” he

Director of small savings and lotteries Sushma Kamat informed this daily that the directorate has already floated tenders for inviting marketing agents, in connection with sale of the online lotteries, and the related software is being procured. “The state online lotteries are expected to be introduced within six months,” she added.

Speaking further, Kamat said that the ongoing corona pandemic was responsible for delay in launching the sale of paper lotteries. She also stated that two committees have been formed for conducting the draws of lotteries.

It was also informed that the state lotteries are mostly sold in Maharashtra, besides in states like Punjab and Kolkata, while their sale is very limited in Goa.

The director of small savings and lotteries said that as of now, the corona pandemic may have some impact on the sale of the state lotteries. “However, we will have to see how this lottery scheme takes shape in the future and helps in generating revenue for the state exchequer,” she added.

Goa lottery is one of the most famous lotteries in the country, with both locals as well as tourists participating in buying and selling of lotteries while trying their luck. The revenue generated from these lotteries is used by the government for various social welfare schemes.