Cash In On Pisciculture



IN Goa, fishing activities normally take place in the sea along the state’s vast coastline. However, fishing in the sea can come to a grinding halt depending on the vagaries of nature. Fishermen do not venture into the sea during the monsoon season and whenever there is a warning from the Meteorological department. Then there is a fishing ban imposed so that the fish can breed and grow. Fish farming is the answer for sustainability in the fishing activity. Fish farming is a form of aquaculture in which fish are raised in enclosures. It is believed that today about half of the fish consumed globally are raised in artificial environments. Fish farming has several advantages. Though fish farming involves hard work, it can provide for continuous income. Fish will be available in the market at a reasonable price throughout the year. Fish farming has added advantages of protecting fish against predators. Controlled water quality and frequent feeding allows for rapid growth of the fish. However it seems that fish farming has not caught the imagination of Goans in a big way. One does not have to be a fisherman to start fish farming but one can become an entrepreneur. Incidentally the Goa government through the fisheries department provides several schemes and subsidies for the would-be entrepreneurs in fish farming. It is for Goans to take advantage of these schemes.