Challenges Before US President-Elect

THE  outgoing  US  President  Donald  Trump’s  reluctance  to  recognise  Joe  Biden  to  be the  President-Elect  even  after  a  fortnight  after  the  US  Presidential  election  brings  into  question  America’s  reliability  as  a partner  country     and  as  a  democracy.  In  spite  of    Biden’s  popularity  as  a  leader  who  has  shown  expertise  in  building  democratic  alliances,  he  may  find  it  difficult  to  develop  a  foreign  policy  from  the  messy  one  that  Trump  developed.  In  fact,  Trump  has  purposely  complicated  America’s    foreign  policy  to  place  hurdles  in  the  path  of  his  successor.  Trump  is  rushing  to  leave  his  final  mark  on  foreign  policy  while  obstructing  the  transition  to  Joe  Biden.  Trump  signed  a  peace  deal  with  the  Taliban  and  as  per  the  terms  the  number  of   US  troops   in  Afghanistan  will  be  reduced  to  2,500.  It  is  downright  ridiculous  that  US  force  level  is  reduced  at  a  time  when  violence  in  Afghanistan  has  gone  up  alarmingly  after  the  signing  of  the  US-Taliban  deal.  As  a  matter  of  fact,  US  force  strength  needs  to be higher  to  ensure  that  the  non-Taliban  factions  are  not  disadvantaged  as  violence  rages.  In  his  attempts  to  place  hurdles  in  Biden’s  path,  Trump  has  imposed  further  sanctions  on  Iran  to  punish  Tehran  on  human  rights  and  terrorism  grounds.  The  sanctions  were  imposed  to  foil  Biden’s  plans  to  re-enter  the  Joint  Comprehensive  Plan  of  Action,  the  2015  nuclear  accord  with  Iran  that  Obama  signed.  The Trump  administration  is  showing  bitter  hostility  to  China  as  well.  The  administration  is  preparing  new  sanctions  over  the  Chinese  government’s  clampdown  on  opposition  politicians  in  Hong  Kong.  These  sanctions  will    infuriate    Chinese  administration  and  adversely  affect  the  relations  between  the  two  countries.


Strictly Adhere To COVID-19 Norms

MADHYA Pradesh has launched the ‘Roko Toko’ campaign to stop and admonish those people not wearing masks in public places as COVID-19 infection again spreads through the state. An amount of over Rs 1.34 crore has been collected in Madhya Pradesh’s Jabalpur district alone in fine slapped on people violating the COVID-19 protocols under this campaign. Many states have also been mulling to impose restrictions to break off the spike rate of COVID-19 cases. Many people are not following COVID-19 safeguards and even join wedding functions, markets, and public gatherings freely like normal days. Today, only taking preventive measures is the way to deal with COVID-19. The need of the hour is that people must follow COVID-19 safeguards and save the lives of all.


On Delhi’s COVID Fight

DELHI has been fighting a tough battle against COVID-19, especially in the last few weeks. Increasing mass interaction because of festivities and thoughtless behaviour by people are two reasons. The virus seems to thrive in winter and the poor air quality is exacerbating the situation. While the Centre and the state have done well to deal with the surge in cases, the public must not shy away from their own responsibilities. By now, we all know the pandemic drill. We better follow it or face the consequences.


Fill Govt Posts On Merit

RECENTLY, the state government decided to lift the ban on fresh recruitments in the government departments. Accordingly, Chief Minister Pramod Sawant has stated that around 10,000 vacancies will be filled in various departments and the recruitment process will commence within 2-3 months. However on the pretext of COVID-19 pandemic, the CM has mentioned that it will be difficult to create a large number of recruitments through the Goa Staff Selection Commission. Hence the government is working out the feasibility of issuing NOCs to government departments, especially for recruiting candidates for technical posts. As a matter of fact, the Goa Staff Selection Commission was introduced in order to assure transparency in the recruitment process pertaining to these departments. The basic objective was to select appropriate candidates possessing efficiency, adequate educational qualification, experience of work, knowledge of local languages etc so that they will be able to serve the public visiting the departments properly. However now the CM has been opting for a U-turn by overlooking this prestigious recruitment agency. Perhaps by overlooking the Goa Staff Selection Commission, there may be plans to recruit BJP supporters for the vacant posts. At all costs the CM has to see to it that candidates for the subsequent vacant posts are selected strictly on merit basis. Of course, in future merit alone should be the sole criteria for filling up the concerned vacant posts in different government departments. This would indeed assure transparency in the recruitment process.